Friday, April 13, 2012

Recovery week

Typically, I live for these weeks. Training slows down in both hours and intensity, a mini vacation from all that has consumed my life. I've found that it's not all good. In addition to providing a physical challenge and source of stress relief, this training has acted as a distraction from the countless changes in my life over the last year. And not even so much the big one (the kid who is slumbering upstairs), but the smaller ones. Working nights means my social circle has completely shifted, a change I've accepted but not always loved. Don't get me wrong my new Mom friends are awesome, but they are new. And outings at the swings over coffee don't quite compare to afterwork drinks. The kid means that many other relationships are different, in both good and bad ways. There are a lot of demands and expectations on all sides that need to be balanced and adjusted. I've had more and more thoughts of running and hiding to avoid some of this, but then am not sure what I'd do with the kid or Stanley for that matter (don't want to bring them but can't really leave them). I'm also home a lot more so I'm more aware of the projects that need to get done and am in constant budget negotiations with my better half. It would have been beneficial if we had hit the mega-millions drawing a few weeks ago. So with this recovery week, I've felt the stress of some of these things creep up. Nothing has changed I just am missing that distraction and in some ways a bit of the release. The good news is that it's Friday so my recovery is coming to a close and I'll be back to my manic like pace in no time. The bad news is I'm not sure what this means come post race, I'll either need to find another race to train for or get a good therapist.

Went to yoga and off for a run.

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