Thursday, April 5, 2012

The need for some speed

My training has been missing an essential component...track workouts. Here's the issue, fitting them into my schedule isn't working. Here are my options:

1. 6:45am track workout with my running club once a week. Sounds great and what I really want to go to, but working evenings has made this a bit difficult. Yes, I should be able to get there but so far it's just too early. Tried this morning and failed - currently waiting for the kid to wake up so we can go for a run outside instead.

2. Schedule individual track workout - sounds great and totally doable but what do I do with the kid? Also I've come to accept that what works today, is likely not going to work tomorrow so I hate to schedule too much b/c I end up canceling. That and this training is hard enough to plan, having a workout scheduled with someone else might push me over the edge and cause me to shred my training folder in protest.

3. Track work on my own - Ugh, even that thought of this makes me dry heave a little. For this to work I'd have to do it on the treadmill and since I already ride the trainer and swim laps 5-6 times a week, I'd prefer to have my running outdoors whenever possible. So then I'd be doing this with the kid. Again, I pause while I heave a little. I've whined before about the stroller and the added weight, (tipping the scales at 45lbs these days). Most days it's all I can do to finish a run and feel strong with the stroller, not sure I have it in my to add some repeats but maybe I'm gong to have to. Then were do I do these workouts with the kid? The blvd and Lincoln Woods are good for the stroller but there are some hills. I don't want to hear it about the fact that the blvd incline doesn't count as a hill! You try it with the stroller and a headwind - it counts as a hill!!

4. Shuffle things around and add a track session on the weekend - weekends are already feeling a bit heavy with workouts and the rest of life so this is unlikely.

So no answers and again a stark reminder that this training is far from perfect and more of an experiment to see what I can do. Speed work might have to wait for the next big race.

Trained for 60 mins on the bike and will run 3 miles if he ever wakes up!

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testblog said...

no complaining that he was still sleeping at 6:48 am... I won't have it!