Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Earlier start time

Since my training plan panic last week, I've calmed down a bit.  Things are going well, so I don't need to throw it all out the window and start from scratch but there are some areas to improve.  I want to add some mileage, both bike and running, during the week.  Adding a 5-7 mile run with the kid is easy enough, but the bike requires a bit more planning.  Weekday rides are on the trainer and require either the kid to be sleeping or watched by someone else.  He has become obsessed with trying to stick his fingers in the spokes of the back wheel while I ride; I'm not all that interested in seeing the carnage that would result if he were successful.  Currently weekday rides are about 15 miles, twice a week and I'd like to get that up to anywhere between 20 and 30.  To do this consistently I need to ride when Joe's home, before he leaves for work in the morning.  Since I got up early yesterday for yoga, today was a bit slow going and I'll admit to using the snooze button.  I did manage to make it onto the trainer by 6:07 and got in a good 90 minutes.  I'm not sure this will work more than once a week but am going to try again for Thursday and see how it goes.  After all, now I know what real sleep deprivation feels like and 2 early mornings on the trainer should be nothing.  All of that said, I really believe that these small adjustments will make for a better experience on race day so am really trying to be committed to them.  

Trained 90 minutes on trainer and have a questionable swim planned if the kid's schedule and the pool schedule can sync.

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