Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A hard dose of reality

After a weekend doing lots that had NOTHING to do with my training I was in a state of bliss. Was ok about the fact that my long ride didn’t happen, too tired to care. Yesterday I should have gotten back on track but I’m pretty used to my Monday’s off and needed a day to recover from the weekend and get back into real life (although all I really want to do is live on my little yoga cloud and get lost in all of these ideas/thoughts/plans that are flying around my head!). When I checked out my training schedule for this week, I broke into a cold sweat and really regretted doing nothing during the day (nothing defined by cleaning the house, food shopping, keeping the kid alive and going to work). The key to this training so far has been for me to not get too far ahead of myself, so I penciled in my workouts for the week and put my training folder to bed for the night. This is how I’ve rolled every week, after planning it all out on Monday I only look at one day at a time. Today it was back to reality in the form of no excuses and a day spent in workout clothes. Luckily everything felt good, as it should with fresh legs and a refreshed mind. The kid cooperated with all scheduled naps so all workouts were completed in full without breaks. Because I’m really partializing this training and haven’t looked too far ahead I’m not completely sure what’s in store for me. I get the sense that this week marks the start of a few weeks of increasing mileage/time/distance, makes me nervous but I knew this was coming. The plan is to dig in and see what I can do. My plan is to evaluate things at the end of the month, if things are going well, I’m feeling strong and injury free then I’ll finally register and fully commit.

Trained with a 30 min run and 60 min ride

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