Sunday, June 17, 2012

Team Macedo debuts at Will Speck

Team Macedo made it's race debut today at Will Speck.  Yep, first race with all 3 of us and we made it through with a respectable time.  I headed out early to get in a few miles before the race and Joe was on baby and registration duty.  There was a few moments of doubt when I had made it back to the starting line up before the race and Joe was no where to be found.  Have no fear, he made with...race numbers for both of us as well as the kid in the stroller.  We started in the back of the pack and had it not been Father's Day I wouldn't have stayed with them.  Started to take off and was consumed with guilt, turned around and ran with Joe who was behind the stroller.  I tried to get him to pass the stroller to me so we could move a bit quicker and he refused.  I rolled my eyes and kept my mouth shut...fine we'll do it your way.  After the first uphill we started to pick people off, finally the old man was going to kick it into a quicker gear.  I looked at my garmin and groaned a bit about our pace but again kept my mouth shut.  I got the sorry sucker to agree to this on Father's Day and that should have been enough.  We moved along and kept picking off other runners, chatting and laughing for most of it.  Before too long we were back at the track for the Olympic finish and victory celebration.  Joe and Miles were the first stroller team to finish (unofficially)!  No time to celebrate, I left the 2 of them to sign autographs and went off to finish my long run.   Great way to celebrate Father's Day!!  The best gift of all was the 3 hour nap that followed that ALL of us participated in!

Miles trained today: 10.5

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