Wednesday, June 20, 2012

We're back!

Not by choice but we are back to morning runs!  Likely a 1 time appearance but we were out there before breakfast just like old times.  The kid was up at 5:45am (yes, I ordered blackout curtains this morning to stop this from becoming a regular occurrence) and I know many of the books say to leave them in bed til the real wake up time..but that doesn't work over at 3 Oliver so we were all up at 5:45.  Given the weather report for today, I had planned from the get go to get out there early with him so with all 3 of us awake it was a perfect opportunity for a family fun run.  Too bad that Joe seems to have forgotten that we used to be morning runners and was not so keen on the idea.  It only took a little pouting and foot stomping for him to join us.  Before the kid's arrival we almost exclusively ran in the morning and like everything else in life that has changed drastically; Joe rides to work during the week and occasionally runs at lunch and I go out with the kid mid day most days.  I rarely run with other people other than the kid and when I do I hold on the to the stroller.  Lets be honest, no one really wants to push an additional 46lbs on a run....but on a family fun run we get to split the load!  Man, there is nothing better than running 1.5 miles with the stoller and then passing it on to run the rest solo.  Not that I want to get up at 5:45 every morning but the occasional morning run might need to be built into our schedule more often.

Ran 3 miles and swam for 45 mins. 

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P1t0 said...

The stroller run must be the best part of the kid's day! :) Awesome you guys got out there before the heat.