Friday, June 29, 2012

I need you to sleep.

Ok, it's time to talk; we have 9 days to go.  I need you to sleep.  No more all nighters, or broken nights.  Last night was a no go for me.  I realize that you were only up for about 20 minutes and seemed to enjoy our brief 2 am cuddle session, but I was up for over an hour.  See, I'm getting old.  It takes me a while to fall back asleep.  We had a lovely family fun run planned for 6:30am that had to be cancelled due to lack of sleep.  If you wanted to party in the early morning hours, you should have done that from the get go.  You spoiled us and your parents don't know what you need or want in the middle of the night and don't know how to function on little sleep.  Because of your all nighter last weekend, I know I fell asleep on my bike last Sunday.  In fact I think that's why my ride was quicker than usual, I was too tired to worry about falling.  I asked your father to put me up in a hotel from now til race day and he's refusing to finance that request.  We are both consuming too much coffee, it's becoming unhealthy.  Part of tapering is resting up for the big race, I can't rest if I'm not sleeping.  I asked the race director and there is no handicap for living with a small tyrant, I mean child.  So whatever is going on, it needs to stop.  I need you to sleep, we only have 9 more days.

Slept through a 3 mile training run and 45 min pool workout.

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