Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Just over a month to go

Not much time left now; it's a matter of avoiding injury and anxiety management at this point.  There are still quite a few miles left to log in the training plan but distances aren't getting any longer at this point.  Joe was happy to hear that one, I think he's looking for support groups for spouses of triathletes.  This week I'm spending some time working out kinks related to accessories.  Going today to scope out some fashion solutions to address the what to wear question.  No light colors I can tell you that much, still have flash backs to the woman in the light silver onsie on the bike in front of me in all her glory.  Also trouble shooting my water bottle ejection issue.  My back cages don't securely hold the bottles and I'm sick of loosing them or rather sick of buying new ones.  The goal is to fix this problem and not fork over any more cash, we'll see how successful I am at this.  Also publicly pledging to practice changing a tire twice this week.  Learned a valuable lesson last week, (and not just that Melissa is a kinder nicer person than I am) KNOW HOW TO CHANGE YOUR TIRES!  Yes, I was the idiot with a flat and a flat repair kit and no idea how to use it.

Trained for 45 mins in the pool and heading off for a 60 min run when the kid wakes up.

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