Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Diapers slowing me down

The kid and I spend most days by ourselves, Joe's at work so it's our show.  Somehow we've found a rhythm and get through things with limited causalities.  With everything we do solo, I really can't take doing breakfast by myself.  I think it's related to the need to manage the kid while at the same time consuming enough caffeine to keep us both alive.  Today Joe went off to the dentist before we were both out of our PJ's and I had decided breakfast would be at 3 Sister's after completing an easy Blvd run.  This issue with this plan is the kid (like his mum) gets rather cranky when hungry so we had to rush before the cheerios didn't cut it or before my caffeine withdrawal headache set it.  Goal time was to be out of the house by 8am and this would have been achieved if the kid didn't shit himself just before I grabbed the keys.  Mind you, I haven't had even a sip of coffee yet.  Silently uttering some 4 letter words, we head upstairs for a new diaper.  Now this issue is that the kid has figured out he can jam things up, like his dad, he's pretty good at wasting time doing a whole lot of nothing.  20 minutes later, yes 20 friggin minutes, we are off and headed to the blvd.  I've been doing this for 16 months, screw getting faster at half marathons I need to get faster in the diaper changing dept.  In fairness to me it was a pretty terrible mess, requiring multiple wipes.  Then we had to  deal with getting shoes, socks, and a sweat shirt on.  All of this with a toddler who is not unlike dressing a cat, I broke a sweat before even buckling my seatbelt.  Regardless we made it out there and ran an easy 3 miles, even had to pull out the wind guard and add a blanket to keep the boss cozy. No pain or discomfort, this was the first run post race.  Breakfast was a success with a beautiful cup of coffee and even enough time for a refill.

Ran 3 miles and 50 easy mins on the trainer

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