Monday, October 8, 2012

A weekend away

Thoughts following a weekend away:

1.  You know you packed too much when the time combined packing and unpacking the car is equivalent to 50% of the time spent traveling.  Note, as I type there is more to be unpacked but I really can't take it.  I'm pretty sure we left no less than 5 small cars at the cottage for the next kid to find as a treasure.

2.  First weekend away with cloth diapers = way easier than other weekend's away when we've used disposables.  I really wish that this was the last weekend get away involving diapers but that's really unlikely considering we are going away again in a few weeks and toilet training is still months (gripes maybe even years away) but I'm only traveling with cloth in the future.

3.  The Cape is NOT flat.  I repeat...the Cape is NOT flat.  17 miles of running later I'm not sure how I forgot this.  Oh wait, I've never spent a weekend running down there.  We aren't talking about mountains, but these annoying rollers that prevent one from finding a groove and zoning out.

4.  Bike riding with a diaper bag requires balance and concentration that I lack.  Or maybe it was the fact I was riding in running sneakers that didn't clip into my pedals while readjsting the diaper bag that was dragging on my wheel while attempting to make the kid laugh as I rode next to him and Joe.  Either way there were several almost wipe outs that would have been rather comical if they occured.  Maybe I should have had a beer in my water bottle cage to really top it all off.

5.  3 workouts in the same running clothes without washing means the clothes will eventually become hard, crusty and take on a personality of their own.  Yes I did this, I have no good reason why as I did have other running clothes with me.  It was just easier to grab the stuff hanging in the bathroom than dig through the bag in the bedroom.  I thought maybe hanging them in the bathroom would have the same effect as a run through the wash, I was mistaken  No worries, the wash is already running.  Likely one of the grosser things I've done lifetime.

6.  Creating memories with your kid in a place that every corner holds one of your own childhood memories is really mind blowing and surreal.  It was a blast of a weekend and one we need to do again soon...diapers or not.

Ran 4 miles today


Pam said...

Can you please explain how traveling with cloth diapers was easier than traveling with disposables? I have tried it both ways and disposables are WAAAY easier. If the place where we are going has a washing machine and someone will do all the laundry for me (i.e. going to visit my mom, the best laundress/grandmother ever!), then I will take the cloth diapers, but for a weekend getaway I much prefer disposables. What's your secret??

smacedo said...

No secret, any time we've gone with disposables all I've dealt with is LEAKS the whole friggin time. I don't know if we are using the wrong kind or that stupid but we can't make disposables work for us. This was only a long weekend so we just took all our laundry home. Haven't figured out a week away...yet!