Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mile repeats? Done.

I've been putting off this workout.  Should have done it on Tues but played the whole just-home-from-vaca-and-I'm-tired card.  Then yesterday the whole worked a double excuse was used, leaving me grasping at straws today.  I tried to get out of it, planned on an early morning workout and turned off the alarm and rolled back to sleep.  Then decided to take a jaunt to find 20 gallons of unpasteurized apple cider for the several batches of hard cider that are being cooked up this afternoon; running out of excuses the kid and I rolled up to the gym around 10.  I had hoped the cider would take all morning and we'd miss babysitting, no luck.  We are getting close to race day and I'm getting close to being over training which  is part of the problem.  This is my highest mileage week, 30 (PS - it's Thurs and I've only run 9) and I really despise mile repeats.  Any day I can whip out a few 200's or 400's, quick and fast.  You're done and on the recovery before you've had time to complain.  Even 800's are manageable on the right day. But the mile is forever, 8:06 to be exact.  It's a mental thing because the pace wasn't killing me, pushing it but not dying.  They are just too long to be fun.  The first 2 were done out of spite, ok I'm here lets go.  The 3rd was forced and I spent the last half mile debating the pros and cons of stepping off the treadmill.  The 4th mile was misery, the the point that after the half mile mark I kept increasing speed every 10th of a mile just to get it over faster. But all of that said, the mile repeats are done and I won't do any more until I come up with another torturous training program for the next race!  All I have left is 800's next week and some 400's after that...getting close.

Ran 5.25 miles today.

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