Sunday, January 20, 2013

Time to get out there

I was surveying my FB page last night and a year ago I was boasting "10 miles, 28 degrees, 7 months post baby". forward to today and I haven't pulled out my running tights once this season and am hard pressed to run more than 5 miles.  26.2, 13.1, oly or sprint, I know I'll do something this spring which means it's time to get off my ass and stop complaining about how cold it is.  Or else spring is going to come and I'm going to bitch and complain about how slow I've gotten.  The funniest part about this is that I headed out in thick tights, long sleeves, a jacket, gloves and a winter hat only to figure out that it was pushing 50 and I over dressed.  Irritating but that's what I get.  So today I can brag: 48 degrees, 6 miles, 19 months post baby...not as impressive as a year ago.

Ran 6 miles today.

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