Monday, January 21, 2013

Winter running wardrobe x2

Running with friends in 30 degree weather requires the following (at least for me):
long tights
knee socks
tank top
long sleeved shirt x2
half zip fleece type shirt
tight hat to keep everything tucked in
winter hat to keep everything that is tucked in warm
gloves (forgotten at home)
garmin (forgotten at home)
reflective vest (forgotten at home)

Running in 30 degree temps with the kid requires all of the above plus:
knee socks - like mother like son
t shirt
long sleeved shirt
snow pants
snow jacket
mittens - remember before I mentioned that he believes he's allergic to mittens
jogging stroller
weather shield for above mentioned stroller
strength to shrug off odd looks from strangers who you run past with a screaming kid in 30 degree temps

Running outside with friends in 30 degree temps who don't mind that your kid is screaming beats the dreadmill any day!

1 hour of spinning
Ran 4.2 miles

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