Sunday, January 27, 2013

1 of 17

Johnny Kelley Half - 5/26/13 - goal sub 2 hour finish

17 weeks of building to a max of 30 miles a week, long runs up to 14/15 at 9:20 pace, tempo runs up to 9 miles at 8:45 pace, track work (mainly 800's and mile repeats), and hills.  In addition to 5 runs a week, I'll cross train with spin and yoga.  What's that?  The pool?  I have to get back in the pool but it's too damn cold to think about anything more than a hot tub.  I'll get there, give me some time.  I know, I know; I said Hyannis and then couldn't hang.  I'm in, cottage is booked, ready to run.

Below is my week 1 plan:
Long run of 6
Tempo run of 4
Pace run of 5
easy runs of 3 and 4
Spinning planned for Friday
Yoga planned for Wed, Fri and Sat.
Total mileage will be 22

Ran 6 miles today

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