Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bad dreams = family fun run

I was up ready for track, almost out the door when I heard it.  The kid started to cry, I was lacing up my sneaks almost grinning about how this wasn't going to be my problem.  Then he started to wail and Joe went in.  He was sobbing, calling for me.  I couldn't resist.  We think it was a bad dream, not sure when I asked he remembered told me it was about poop so you decide.  Regardless he was too sad and snuggly for me to abandon and get to track on time.  Fast forward to 6am and he's not going back to bed and I'm still in my running stuff so a family fun run it became.  I'm happy to report that my almost 2 year old can still tolerate the jogger, takes lots of snacks and a fair amount of bribery but we made it.  I won't discuss pace b/c it was a fun run after all and the slow husband likes when we all run together in a group.  Tomorrow I hit the Blvd with Jeff, going to add some extra miles at the end b/c I'm not working.  This weekend holds a half marathon that I'm terribly unprepared for but registered just for the sake of getting the miles in.  Fingers crossed for no rain so we can see if the kid likes family fun bike rides as much as runs.

PS - Brag moment, the kid won the relay races at school today and beat an older girl in a race across the playground!  Now if he'd just sleep and use the toilet I'd really be happy

Ran 3 miles today.

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