Sunday, May 5, 2013

Getting excited!

I need to reel myself in.  It's too early to get as cocky as I'm getting but I can't help it.  I think that if things continue I have a real shot at a 4:10ish marathon...hell I'd even take a 4:20 but really think I can push harder than that.  Doesn't sound like much to those that can BQ without a thought, but considering that my PR for a marathon is's a BIG deal for me.  My track is going well staying well within with 7:00-7:20 pace window.  Normal runs are wavering  btw 8:40-8:50s.  Long runs are right at 9.  Yes I know there are months ahead of me and 10 miles is nothing compared to 26.2 but I've never gone into marathon training with this kind of base.  Even today, I struggled with the hills during mile 9...totally sick of running at that point and my pace slowed to a 9:41.  Irritated with myself and sick of running I was able to get my speed back for the last mile with an 8:54.  Again, for me this is BIG.  I remember after NY a friend told us we needed to back away from the marathon and build more speed and I was irritated with the comment.  Who the hell was he to tell me to get faster?  Screw off buddy I'll run what I want how I want.  Well, I think he was right.  Again it's too early for me to get this excited but I think I have a good thing going here.

Ran 10 miles today.

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