Thursday, November 7, 2013

swimming goals

In sticking with my plan on getting out of my woe-is-me-rut I committed to a morning swim with no excuses.  And trust me the excuses started early: 1.       I have no one to meet me there.  Stupid b/c if you are swimming then you can’t really socialize. 2.       I have a 9am client so need to be at work for 8.  I like to be in for 8 but if I stop taking 25 minute showers at the Y then I can make it for 8:15. 3.       I’m swimming tomorrow and my arm muscles are sore from yesterday’s pushups.  Quit whining and remember the goal is to NOT gain 60lbs with this kid and get moving! So off I went and joined what is apparently old hairy man hour at the Y, 7:30 on Thursday mornings.  My stomach is not as trustworthy as it used to be so several times I had to close my eyes as I saw my fellow swimmers go by and remind myself that chlorine makes it all ok.  God it was gross.  Today’s plan was to just go a mile, and I did and shockingly it didn’t hurt as much as I anticipated and went much quicker than planned.  Given my type A personality I need some goals with this increased pool time so I think it would be great if I could get up to 2 miles by the time this kid makes an appearance.  Why not?  It was the first kid who got me to a mile and since then I’ve swum that distance and more countless times.  Other than boredom I have no reason to doubt it. Besides, it’s a good braggable amount and I’ll have killer arms…haven’t quite figured out the plan that will get me there, but will share when I do. Tomorrow we are on track for another morning swim, this time with friends, followed by Fitness in the Park.  And happy to report that I’m in a stellar mood so far with getting a workout in early and scheduled my first chiropractor appt for next week.  I’ll be sure to share how that goes. Swam a mile today.

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