Thursday, June 4, 2009

NYC or bust

Well, the unexpected happened today, both Joe and I got into the New York City Marathon via the lottery today. Unreal! I entered us about 2 weeks ago as an afterthought. "We'll never get in but who cares". We did get in! When I saw it at work I couldn't help but yell out. I then spent the next several hours educating people as to what a marathon is. No it's not a 5k. Yes it is 26.2 miles. Yes I will do the whole thing. Yes, it's the same distance as Boston. Yes I will still wear high heels to work. It's hard to celebrate a running victory with non-runners. Now the games begin! I'm sure my physical therapist will not be jumping for joy when I share the news with him. Just yesterday he was trying to convince me that a fall marathon might not be a good idea. This puts the kabbash on him!

As for the training, my legs continue to hurt like hell. I thought after Monday we were getting somewhere but today I had hoped for 6 and cut it short after 3. To get me up the last hill I recalled the pain of the last marathon and pushed my way through it. I did score a $5 dollar bill along my route, today was really my lucky day. The nice thing about New York is that it's about 2 weeks later than the marathon we were going to run so I'm feeling a little less pressured. I can spend 2 more weeks working on the legs. I've decided to return to the world of PT and the dreaded g-trainer. Let's face it, right now I can't pull off 10 miles on the roads, but on the g-trainer it won't be difficult. I'll be able to work on my miles without the added stress on the legs, works for me as well as the coach and the PT. Shocking that all 3 of us are agreeing on something, guaranteed not to last long!!

I still can't believe that I have become this much a runner. The girl with asthma who hated anything athletic is psyched to be running NY!

Days till NYC: 149

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