Sunday, July 18, 2010


So my training sucks right now and has sucked for the last 2-3 weeks. The heat is kicking my ass and at this point I'm questioning the marathon. I don't want to run another 5 hour marathon and if something doesn't change that's what I'm headed for. June 26th I did an 11 mile run at a 10:30 pace and since then it's been down hill. July 4th was the 10k and that felt good but was only 6 miles. Last week, no long run as I was questioning a strain. This week I tried for 11 miles and almost killed myself getting through 9 and don't even ask about the pace. I haven't had a good run outside since July 4th. On the treadmill with a/c I can run 6-7 miles and not think twice about it. On the treadmill speed workouts are enjoyable. I don't know if I should quit road running and focus on running well on the treadmill until the heat breaks. I'm giving it a month, if things haven't improved by then I'm out of Chicago and not going to look back.

Miles trained today: 9

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