Sunday, July 4, 2010

Low expectations, high temps

Before starting the race today, we were standing in the chute waiting, at least 4 times there were warnings about the temps. Don't go out too fast, be sure to hydrate, enjoy yourself. Enjoy? It was quickly approaching the mid 80's and we hadn't started yet, I should have been enjoying myself on the beach! Off we went and the first mile sucked. I was running on tired legs and they let me know it. Just sore. I put it out of my head and kept going, as predicted things started to loosen up. We ran into an old friend and spent then next couple of miles chatting. The goal was not too go out too fast and by chatting we kept it nice and easy. The course was flat and there was enough shade to prevent me from melting into the asphalt. I love 10k's, long enough to count for a work out and short enough not to kill you. The last 2 miles things started to pick up, before we knew it we were entering the park again. Now it gets funny, we are sprinting or at least I was. Can't breath, could puke but that would require slowing down. My sister in law (who by the way is legs from the neck down) pulls out her cell phone and calls her hubby to inform him we are ahead of schedule. I look over and she's gliding along beside me, barely breathing hard and having a good time...I could have killed her! Finishing in the stadium was a blast. Onto the turf, through the helmet and onto the jumbotron. We had enough time post finish line to take in the stadium from the turf, it was unreal. I'll be there next year and hoping the temps are a bit lower.

Miles trained today: 6.2
Days till the Beach 2 Beacon: 34
Chicago: 99

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