Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ummm, 7.5 on a Wed?

Yeah, really...7.5 miles tonight. Seems a bit foolish if you ask me. 1.75 mile warm up, 5 x 1 mile repeats and a .75 mile cool down. I'm not sure why this was a good idea, for that you will have to ask Bob. The bigger problem is that I was a lemming tonight. Just followed right along. I guess that's the point of track with a group, push your limits. But do the limits have to be pushed that far? I didn't walk in my door till after 8:30 tonight and track started at 6. Mind you I did stop at Whole Foods for dinner, but still. I feel great, very proud. I ran hard, fast and with consistency. Had some good laughs with fellow runners and caught up with those I had missed during my hiatus. More importantly I got a sense of where other fall marathoner's were in their training. To my surprise I am not as far behind as I thought. Right there with everyone else, bitching about the heat and worried about race day. So I guess the 7.5 miles and late night was worth it for the piece of mind knowing that Chicago is still a possibility, thanks guys.

Miles trained today: 7.5
Days till the Beach 2 Beacon: 10
Chicago: 74

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