Sunday, July 11, 2010


Yep, I'm a bit nervous. Might have over done it. My calf is a bit pissed off. Friday I did a speed workout on the treadmill, it felt so good. Followed by 35 mins in the pool, didn't end feeling good. I got one of those calf cramps that makes you want to scream in pain. I half treaded, half hobbled to the wall and tried to work it out. Maybe I swam 3 more lengths before calling it a day. Since then I've been in pain, tried to run twice and am still feeling it. The pain is worse after not moving and after a mile or so works its way out. Going down stairs hurts, a lot. So, what is my plan? Tomorrow no running or swimming. It's better than the day before and the day before that; here's hoping I've found the road to a quick recovery. So I don't think it's anything serious. We'll see how Tuesday goes. I'm a little irritated that this is now 2 weeks without a long run, Chicago is still just over 3 months away so I have time....

Miles trained today - 1 hour (too hot to care about distance)
Days till the Crabman tri: 14
Beach 2 Beacon: 27
Chicago: 91

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