Saturday, November 3, 2012

Family fun with the group

It's been a while since all 3 Macedo's have made a group run, a long while as I try to recall the last one. We made it today.  Part of that is our schedule, I've been working a lot of weekends.  Over the summer biking bumped running to Sunday's.  Joe broke up with running for a while all together.  Excuses, excuses...I know.  It's so much easier to get out there when you know there will be other people.  Fresh faces mean fresh conversation, friends mean some good hearted joking followed by laughs.  Having Joe there means an even split to stroller time.  A win all around.  So once a month we'll be at Rhode Runner with the rest of the club.  Other weekends, drop me a line if you want to find a stroller friendly spot to start from.  Breakfast burrito with egg whites, mango smoothie and coffee from 3 Sister's to follow!

Ran 5ish miles today

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