Tuesday, November 13, 2012

When was my off season?

As I enter week two of my Hyannis Half training I keep reading about everyone's off season.  Ok, 1 email and 1 blog but still it's got me wondering if I'm making a mistake going from training for 1 half to the next.  If I took the last year in review I have had some cycles to my training.  This time last fall it was still a bit about coming back from the pregnancy as well as tipping my toes in the 70.3 water.  Then winter came and it was full on 70.3, building a base in all 3 sports.  Early spring was transitioning from indoor to outdoor work and getting comfortable on the bike.  70.3 arrived and training backed off very quickly after...still triathlon focused but much more laid back.  Then there was my half hearted attempt at training for a half marathon on 3 days a week...fail.  And now I'm here working with Bob and over analyzing every workout I do.  If you want me to be honest my off season would likely have been August, September and October.  I still worked out and did some racing but training was not front and center in my life.  The reason I'm sticking with the sub 2-hour half as a goal is that I think the added speed will help when I shift back to tri's.  Last winter I was building from scratch so really needed a good 6 months to focus on a 70.3.  I'm not sure if I'll do one or not next year but don't think I need to start worrying about it now.  If I do another, I want to come in under 7 hours and to achieve that need to improve my running strength so it all still ties in some convoluted way.  Regardless, I'm rambling now...it's been that kind of day in more ways than one.

Ran an easy 3 miles today

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