Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Choosing to run

I need to get my miles in, I want to get them in.  I do not want to run in 8 degree weather at 5am and am notorious for not running at night.  What to do?  In previous years I would have skipped my runs, put them off.  Never completed them and then been cranky come Sunday when I came up short.  This time I mean business, I won't get faster if I don't put forth the effort.  Today that means a treadmill run.  It was the lesser of 2 evils, barely.  We run in the morning and mentally because it's so dark I feel like it's that much colder.  There was little argument from the peanut gallery.  Get packed and lets roll.  I got my miles in and enjoyed myself as much as one can running in place for 52 minutes.  Not sure where I will be tomorrow, but am committed to balancing my treadmill runs with road miles.  If it could just be a little warmer it would help me!

Miles trained today: 5
Days till the Manhattan Half: 11

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