Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy Birthday

It's been a year since my first post!  I've had a good time writing about my adventures in running and hope that from time to time others have enjoyed reading.  This blog has become a scrap book of sorts for me.  My training log is very dry: 1/1/103 miles on road, day time, tired legs, no pain; but my blog has allowed me to go back and remember what those miles were really like, to remember all that I have given to my training.  I don't remember the blog being a New Year's Resolution, but it might have been.  Over the next year I'll try to keep it going, blogging on days I have run about that run.  

Today's run wasn't as refreshing as I had hoped for the first run of 2010.  The legs are getting tired, 3rd day of a row running.  I still have several miles ahead of me this week and then another week of increasing miles before a recovery week.  So, the legs need to get over it.  Welcome back to training 6 days a week!  Just as I was feeling poorly about it, I scanned what I did on this same day last year.  There was a -10 degree wind chill and I was nursing a hangover, so my 3 miles was great compared to that!

Miles trained today: 3
Days till the Manhattan Half: 23

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