Saturday, January 23, 2010

Not a great idea

Today was the first day in a week that I woke up and actually felt ok.  No throat pain, no head congestion.  Great, I can finally run!  I should have kept it easy, kept it short.  In the beginning I wasn't sure how far I would get, I'm going to run within myself.  No need to be a hero, there is a half marathon scheduled for tomorrow remember.  I really like the route we had today, it's an out and back on the East Bay Bike Path.  I find that on the path I really get lost in the running.  We started out and of course I felt great.  After a weeks worth of rest the legs felt brand new.  I kept my eye on the pace ensuring that I wasn't pushing it.  Things felt good not too labored so I kept going.  Should have turned back after 1.5 miles, but kept going.  Hit 2.5 and was just too into it.  By the time I gave serious thought to turning back, we were only a half mile away from 4.5.  What the hell, I'm in it to win it now.  The problem with out and backs is that you have to run back.  I just felt light today, running felt nice.  I rarely feel like this on a run so decided to just enjoy it.  The air was crisp, I hadn't been outside other than to run to and from my car all week.  It hit me coming up that little hill, my lungs filled with fluid and I started to wheeze.  Oh well, no one is going to stop and give me a ride and it's too cold to walk the 2 miles back to the car.  I backed off the pace and dug in.  Finishing with a 10:18 per mile average I have to say I'm pretty pleased.  Faster than my goal pace for a possible fall marathon.  For a run on weakened lungs, and a weeks worth of poor nutrition I'll take it.  Here's hoping that tomorrow goes equally as well!

Miles trained today: 9
Days till the Manhattan Half: 0

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