Thursday, February 11, 2010


I don’t like running enough to do it without a purpose. There is always a goal, something to keep me focused. Whether it’s an upcoming a race, completing a hard workout, hitting my weekly mileage there is something to keep me moving. This week I’ve started to struggle a little. My mileage has gone up so all my runs will be longer than 6 miles and it’s hard to swallow. I feel like I can run anything under 5 with no problem, once I pass that mark I start to doubt myself. It’s all still so new to me and there are times I have trouble understanding why I’m doing it. I’ll never win a race, nor will I ever race competitively. To be honest I’m not that good at it, but I still enjoy it for the most part. Today I needed a goal larger than running, something to get me to finish those 6 miles. Something that would hold my interest and make me get it done. God knows there are many other things I could have done with that hour after work. SHOES and not the kind that are beneficial to my running. I’m talking about 3-4 inch heels, maybe higher if I’m lucky, the kind that irritate my ankle! Run 6 miles and you get a pair of shoes. Not after every 6 mile run but after today’s run. That’s all it took, once I promised myself new shoes, this 6 mile run seemed like nothing. So here I sit getting ready to shop and I don’t care what it took to get me to finish the run. I’m done and ready for new shoes J

Miles trained today: 6

Days till the Chicago Marathon: 240

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