Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Why do the best runs always seem to happen when the watch is at home? We headed out this morning and didn’t really have a plan. I had semi planned out a route, but a mile from home we decided to try an old route. Neither of us were quite sure how far it was or exactly what roads to take. It didn’t take long before we remembered why we never ran this route backwards. Running up Woodward sucks, bad. Up we went and over Mineral Spring Ave. Joe started to pick up the pace coming around the golf course, only to be slowed by another hill. I smiled as I caught up and then passed him on the hill, show off! It wasn’t long till we hit Charles St. for the final stretch home. After warming up and checking out a map we found that the route was 5 miles, a mile short of our 6 mile goal. It’s too bad that I didn’t bring the watch, because it appears that this run would have counted for our tempo for the week. Depending on how the rest of the week goes, it still might be counted as the tempo, Bob doesn’t have to know that our watch was left behind.

Miles trained today: 5

Days till the Chicago Marathon: 236

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