Saturday, July 14, 2012

Family time on the run

Joe leaves tomorrow and I need to start training again...there is no time to loose.  He's going to grump if I take off on my own and I'm going to pout if we do nothing.  So where's the compromise?  Family fun run on the way to breakfast, of course!  Quickly we get into our running stuff and pack up the kid and the jogger.  Joe claims the first half (downhill section) of the run with the stroller leaving me with the much more challenging (uphill) portion.  I'll stifle my protests because he's agreed to be out here and hope that he's going to move a speed above the grand-pa pace he's been running lately on these runs.  The kid gets a cookie for each hand as a bribe to go along with the whole idea and off we go.  I think the breakfast wrap waiting for him at the finish was a good motivator as he moved quicker than expected during his leg and we were able to do a negative split for my leg (note that means I ran faster with the stroller than he did...not that it matters to anyone but ME).   There were some moments of disgust at the end when we looked at the clock and realized that it was barely 9am and we'd already run, had breakfast, and strolled through the farmer's market.  Cheers to another successful Family Fun Run, a perfect combo of mandatory family time mixed with a bit of training.

Ran 3.5 miles

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