Saturday, July 7, 2012

My bags are packed and I'm ready to race

We've made it to Race Day Eve!  Nothing left to do but smile...oh yeah...and race.  Race prep has been a little daunting; lots of colored bags with lots of little pieces to remember.  Multiple to do lists in mutliple OCD parts have been in heaven.  My run stuff was dropped off downtown this afternoon and I'm already irritated about it; I forgot to unball my socks.  My Phat Whip is having a sleepover at Lincoln Woods with 1000 of her closest friends under the watchful eye of Professional Security (as told to me by the 14 year old park ranger).  My coffee pot will start brewing at 3am and then things will start to get serious.  I'll be honest, I have very little anxious energy going into this one.  Most likely due to knowing it's going to hurt like hell.  I've done the training and now it's up to the ole bod to get me through.  Got an amazing cheer squad who'll be out on the course with about 37 signs and am already thinking about the cold beer waiting for me at East Ave.  

I'll leave you with some pictures from my prep and this quote from my new positive mantra pouch:

"Perseverance is the hard-work you do after you get tired of doing the hard-work you already did" 
- don't know who said it but I'm digging it.

Run bag holding my balled up socks

My Phat Whip excited for her sleepover

Yep, bringing my own TP..thanks for the tip Ron!
Swam 15 mins, rode 15 mins and ran 15mins today

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P1t0 said...

I hope it all went well!!!! Can't wait to read the recap.