Wednesday, July 18, 2012

You're on vaca? Great, lets run!

There is nothing I like more than to hear that my running friends are taking a stay-cation!  Having the kid and switching to evenings has severely impacted my social life.  It would be dramatic to say it's non-existant but it exists in a very different way than it did a while back.  So these stay-cation running dates are great for me, friends who I don't get to see often, training and the kid can tag along...nothing but the weather to complain about!  This week I'm lucky enough to have not one but TWO friends out of work this week!!  It takes some good friends who agree to get up early on vacation week and meet me and the kid for a morning run in this weather.  I'm not sure why but they've both agreed, it must be because of my endearing personality.  It's also nice to mix a social call with some training; the miles are always easier/faster/funnier with company (and the kid doesn't count as company).  It's always a nice break in my day/routine as well, it's been a long week over here and when I headed out for our date/run I was in a pretty terrible mood.  Fast forward 2 hours that included a brutally hot run, breakfast, and a walk through the playground and I'm in a happier place.  So much love to my running friends and their stay-cations!!

Ran 3.5 today

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