Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New day and new goals

It's been 3 days and I'm already over the Amica 70.3.  Been there, done need to do it again a little faster.  For the first time ever my short running/racing career I find myself not only motivated but super jazzed about a time goal.  Lets be honest I'm not a great runner, my marathon times are embarrassing and with the right training I can run a respectable half but have never fully committed to the training.  With this tri stuff, I'm certainly not fast enough to win any cash, but I'm by far not the slowest in my age group.  7:03:48 was a great time for Sunday, but I'm yearning for a sub 7 hour finish time.  I've never wanted something so bad in terms of racing and also felt so confident that I can do it.  Yes a 4:30 marathon would be delightful but that's never going to happen for me.  This on the other hand, I can manage.  So lets talk about what I need to do differently for this to happen.

1.  The heat - It was a nightmare beyond nightmares.  I can't control the heat but I can control when and where I race.  That said I'm thinking Firmman in Sept but will wait for the weather report.  All jokes aside, if the 5 day forecast comes and we are looking at high 80's again then I'm waiting til next year.  I'm not racing this fall to see if I can finish, that's what Sunday was about, this is for real and I don't want to waste my time.

2.  Nutrition - If you read this and complete in longer distance tri's, please share with me what you do.  I know it's all very personal but I need some help here.  I'm thinking it's time to shift from GU on the bike.  I've started to do some research and will continue to do so.  I'm frustrated enough by this topic that I'm going to try and share what I find on the good old blog so if there is some other lost sole out there they can see what I've played around with.  The cramping on Sunday did indicate that I need to make some changes so it's going to be trial and error around here for a few weeks.

3.  Training - I'll start back for real next week and have already come up with a plan.  Nothing too drastic from what I've been doing but I'm adding a few things.  More open water swims, I don't think I can find any wrestlers to join me but I'll be able to focus on sighting and endurance without flip turns.  I'm still stuck on the trainer during the week and one of these rides is being bumped to 90 mins, lets pray for some good naps.  More bricks and transition runs.  Every other Sat I'm planning on a long ride followed by a 5-6 mile run...ties in with #2...nutrition.  I'm also hoping to add a heart rate monitor to my routine, I've fought it long enough.

Those are the big 3.  Until I find a sponsor I'm not likely going to make any major upgrades to my Phat Whip or other accessories.  If you know of any company looking to sponsor a 31-year-old-middle-of-the-packer-Mom-of-1 please let me know, this is getting expensive!

Trained for an easy hour on the bike.


LETICIA said...

Are you kidding me?!?! You are awesome and you should recognize it and be proud of it!!! How many people in this world ever run a marathon (not sure I ever will, probs will just stick with halfies), much less compete in a Tri? You ROCK!!!

Pam said...

Great job! Last Sunday was INSANELY hot in RI. I think you will find it useful to share info on your nutrition on here; When I trained for my first IM was really dorky about recording what I did for training, what the weather was like, what I ate and drank, how much, and how I felt. Then I would change one variable at a time, and it took a while, but that was how I nailed down what nutrition strategy worked best for me. I am sure you will figure out what works for you. As far as a less sugary product (Did you say on here Gu or Gatorade or something was too sweet?? I read the post originally on my phone but did not want to comment using my phone), have you tried Hammer Products? Of course they are more expensive, but I think worth it.