Saturday, December 19, 2009

Half Hot Chocolate and Half Coffee

When we headed out this morning it was about 18 degrees and just the act of breathing the cold air in my mouth was painful.  I spent several minutes, probably close to the first mile thinking about how this run would be a waste.  There is no way I could last an hour and a half outside in this.  I had started to accept that this run was going to happen, when we turned onto North Main St and faced the wind head on, there aren't words to describe how awful it felt.  After battling the hill on Smith St., I was very focused on not missing our turn onto River.  To miss this left would mean an additional 1 mile and in this weather I might not have survived it!  I think I started to zone out on Chalkstone Ave, we had run this portion of the route earlier.  

Suddenly, after I don't know how long, I had a vision. A steaming cardboard cup of deliciousness (surprised that spell check knows this word), a large half coffee half hot chocolate.  I wondered if the Edge had served such a creation, if they didn't I would beg.  I imagined the smell of the chocolate mixing with the scent of coffee.  For a few miles I became lost in my dreams of this drink.  After I came back to earth and realized that we were STILL out there running, I remained focused on this hot beverage.  All I had to do was get to the coffee shop and it would be there waiting for me, coming up Gano St I might have started to drool while thinking about it. Finally we arrived in Wayland Square, I couldn't get to the counter fast enough. "Can I have a 1/2 hot chocolate, 1/2 coffee" a pause, what if they say no?!?!   "Sure".  It was as good as I had dreamed, this hot beverage is the reason I survived the run today.

Miles trained today: 9
Days till the Manhattan Half: 40

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