Tuesday, December 8, 2009

No Devices

I was sitting in my car at the Lincoln School end of the blvd, trying to talk myself out of today's run.  It's too cold.  I'm tired.  There are plenty of things that need to get done at home.  Joe's not here.  It was the other runners who got me out of my car, no one I knew, but there were plenty of them out there.  If they were running, the least I could was to try it.  

Before I knew it I was out and moving, SHIT!  I forgot my watch, I knew that going back to get it would mean the run would be over before it even really started.  I've run this enough to know the distance and have run enough that even without my watch I have a pretty good idea of my pace and the mile markers.  It was nice, I found that I was lost in my thoughts early on.  I relaxed and settled in, weighed the pros and cons of my day.  Cleared my head.

Turning around I set my sights on a runner in front of me, she was one of the ones that inspired me to get of of the car, maybe a quarter mile a head of me for most of the run, not too far.  I focused on trying to catch her.  Although I didn't it got me to run the 2nd half faster and with more intensity (who needs the track!).  

A run I had been dreading ended up being a nice nightcap to the end of my working day.  I'm not sure running without my watch made it more enjoyable, but I certainly did get lost in my run today, gave some though to looping the blvd for a 2nd time, but gave in to the heat of my car. 

Miles trained today: 3.4
Days till the Manhattan Half: 51 

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