Thursday, December 24, 2009


I'm looking for a running stipend, just a small one.  Enough that I can go to part time at work and have more flexibility with my running schedule.  It was so nice today to get up a little less early. Sip a cup of coffee before heading out.  We got in an easy 3 before hitting the track, there was no time pressure, just running the miles, didn't even bother with a watch.  We were able to attend the later track session, 7am.  Living life on the edge!  Track seemed more relaxed, there was no watching the clock, worrying about getting out on time to rush to work.  I had time for a short cool down and some idle chat afterwards.  The whole morning was a tough workout but had a very nice feel to it.  If all my mornings were like this I might just enjoy running a little more!  I don't want my stipend to be based on any expectation that my running will improve at all, just that I will have a more relaxed attitude about the whole thing. So if there is a sponsor out there who supports the the middle of the pack forward them my information.

Miles trained today: 6ish 
Days till the Manhattan Half: 31

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