Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Blvd Challenge

That's it, I've had it. I can't run on the friggin Blvd one more time! For some reason the majority of my running routes touch the Blvd at one point at another. It's nice to run, the traffic isn't bad but God it's getting boring. Even today we were on there for about a mile, give or take a little. It's to the point now my hamstrings groan when we get close. I have no reason to hate it, I just do, it's boring (or I'm getting bored with the training). I'm guessing I run that road at least 3 if not 4 or 5 times a week. Not always the whole thing, but it's always there. Fairly flat and always tempting. I bet I could run down the middle with a blindfold and only trip 3 times. There are runners who have run it far more often than I have and good for them. For the next 2 weeks I pledge to not step foot on the Blvd. Seems easy, but I'm a creature of habit, my little pigs won't touch that road until 6/23. I'm hoping absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Miles trained today: 5
Days till the Harvard Pilgrim 1ok: 26
Beach 2 Beacon: 60
Chicago Maratho: 124

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