Wednesday, June 9, 2010


When I was a kid our family vacations were spent in the woods a various campgrounds. Camping is part of my earliest memories. Different campgrounds with friends and family. Cape Cod, MA, RI, CT all over New England. Rain, sun, heat, some of the worst thunderstorms, cold nights all kinds of weather. My Dad had a part of the basement dedicated to his camping gear, we had everything it seemed like. Tarps of all colors, shapes and sizes and just as many different kinds of rope to go along with all the tarps. Even a coffee maker for the portable stove. Did I forget to mention that we camped in tents, ONLY? I remember when I had a friend with a camper I was shocked to see how the other side lived. All of these memories flooded me during my run tonight. My new i-pod ear buds were failing me and about 2.5 miles in I got sick of playing with them and turned it off. Joe and Jessica were too far ahead for me to even see in the dark. I heard the rain falling on the leaves, trees and the rain coat I was wearing; too many times it seemed like we camped in the rain and that sound brought it all back. Fond memories. Luckily all it did was give me the urge to hop into my dry car after 5 miles, not to camp. I may run in the rain, but I'm a hotel girl when it comes to traveling.

Miles trained today: 5
Days till Harvard Pilgril 10k: 25
Beach 2 Beacon: 59
Chicago Marathon: 124

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