Monday, June 7, 2010


A late day run with heat and humidity at higher than preferred levels meant that I wasn't really looking forward to this run. Combine that with a day at the beach and it's shocking that I ran at all. My mood needed an adjustment in only the way that running can adjust a mood. Lincoln Woods was where I ended up, I knew it would be shady. My i-pod died overseas somewhere between Boston and Costa Rica and I desperately tried one more time to bring it back, including slamming it against my dashboard several times. No luck. I started out and was immediately calmed by the quiet. Even though the loop was full of people and a few passing cars it was very quiet. I focused on my breathing right away and all anxieties were lulled away. I was alone so there was no worry about pace, there were no worries about falling behind or keeping up. There were no conversations to be had and I refused to allow my thoughts to wander back on issues that had been the focus of the weekends perseverations. I finished the 1st loop quicker than I had imagined and kept going. Finishing the 2nd loop there was a brief moment where I questioned going around a third time and just a quickly decided to get in my car and head home.

Miles trained today: 5
Days till Harvard Pilgrim 10k: 27
Beach 2 Beacon 10k: 61
Chicago Marathon: 125

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