Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Oh what a night

I almost didn't make it, the couch sucked me in. I woke up an hour after I should have started my run surounded by a pool of drool. It was tempting to stay there, I was comfy and the dogs were snuggling. This is when I get irritated with marathon training. Runs becomes do or die (well not that extreme but it feels that way), counting up mile after mile. Screw it, lets see what happens. I peeled myself off the sofa and ever so slowly changed into my running attire. Again, fate tried to destroy me, after shutting the front door I instantly realized I was locked out. Really?!?! Luckily I have done this before and it didn't take long to break in and then I took off, enough with the stalling. The weather felt sooo much better tonight, even running at 6pm. There was a breeze that actually felt like a breeze, the sun on my shoulders didn't feel like a death scan. I knew I didn't have time for the full 6 miles that had been planned but decided to just run and not think about it. And that's what I did, a few minutes in my thoughts settled. My breathing became rhythmic and I was comfortable. No garmin means I couldn't think about pace or distance. At this point I can gauge pretty well how fast I'm going based on how my legs and lungs felt. I could tell that this was feeling better than most outdoor runs had been lately. It was enjoyable, finally.

Miles trained today: 4.5
Days till the Harvard Pilgrim 10k: 4
Beach to Beacon: 37
Chicago: 102

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