Saturday, June 12, 2010


It's summer, so that means we will be at the beach every free moment. In the past running has cramped our style when it comes to the beach. If we can't get there early enough to beat the traffic, there is no point. So this summer we plan on doing most of our weekend runs in South Kingstown. Today was the first attempt and it was a really nice run. We parked at the beach and headed up the beach road, turning onto Matunuck School House Rd. Heading out was nice, plenty of shade and a cool breeze. At one point I thought about how it was not going to be this nice heading back but forgot about it. Until we turned around after 4 miles. It got uncomfortable quick. Finally I gave up and ran on the wrong side of the road in an attempt to get more cover from the shade. It wasn't too long before we hit the beach road again. Unfortunately it's over a half mile before we hit the beach parking lot but we could see it for quite a while. I found myself picking up speed only to poop out and fall back again. No worries we made it back to the car and kept a pace just under 10 min miles. We'll be back tomorrow for a bit of a longer run and are hoping to have a bit more sun to enjoy after the run!

Miles trained today: 8
Days till the Harvard Pilgrim 10k: 22
Beach 2 Beacon 10k: 56
Chicago Marathon: 120

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