Thursday, June 17, 2010

Joe! Where are you?

A new morning route brought us out over the bike path into East Providence. We had just cleared the last of what seemed like too many uphills when we lost Joe. He was pooped. After a few moments of joking it became clear that he was a lost cause. The plan was for Jen and I to continue on and come back later with the car. We finished up, at what could only be called a crawl. I got in the car and off I went to find the boy. When I hit the end of Elmgrove I started to get nervous. No worries I started down Gano with my eyes peeled and still nothing. What the hell? Where is he? I figured he must have sat on the steps at the bridge, nope, not there either. It’s no secret that I tend to jump to the worst case senerio outlook in a heartbeat. I began to panic, in my mind Joe had been attacked by the creepy guy on the bike path in a flannel shirt and jeans. What to do, what to do…I drove back to the stadium hoping I had passed him. Finally there ahead of me I spotted the black basket-ball shorts. I speed up and opened the car door. No the creep didn’t attack him on the bridge; he took Taber rather than Elmgrove. After some water and a big bowl of cereal he started to perk back up, tomorrow I’ll make sure we are clear on the route out as well as the route back!

Miles trained today: 6
Days till The Harvard Pilgrim 10k: 17
Beach 2 Beacon: 51
Chicago Marathon: 115

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