Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Let's try this again

I tried to run this morning, I really tried. It was terrible. We made it to the top of the Blvd before I almost drowned in my own sweat. Heading back down, we called it quits and went back up Elmgrove. After a measely 2.5 miles I looked I just got out of the pool. Checking my phone on the way home, it was 91% humidity. Ugh! Now I'm stuck with having to run AGAIN this afternoon. The plan is 3 week day runs this week and Friday off so I have no choice. There was some debate about trying it outdoors again but I headed to the a/c. It was the best decision I've made in a while. The heat and humidity has been taking a toll. My pace feels a bit slower during the week, my legs heavier and my skin is getting a bit fried. This afternoon, it was cool. I was able to push the pace and since I knew I was hoping off after only 3.5 miles I was focused. The run ended with me smiling (not the case after most runs of recent memory) and with a pace of 9:37 per mile. I'll take it and to be honest won't rule out another treadmill run in the near future!

Miles trained today: 6
Days till the Harvard Pilgrim 10K: 5
Beach 2 Beacon: 39
Chicago: 103

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