Saturday, March 13, 2010

I'm just running in the rain, running in the rain

1 hour and 42 minutes in the pouring rain and wind + friends from running club = a great long run. There are very few times I finish a long run with a smile and today was one of those days. It wasn’t expected to be a nice run, 10 miles in the cold and rain, ugh. When we started I had second thoughts, but it didn’t take long for those thoughts to fade away. It was so nice to have other people running along with us, everyone talking, laughing, joking. I forgot for a while about the crummy weather or what I was putting my body through. I need to hold onto the feelings I have from today’s run and remember this after the next run I have when I’m feeling low about my performance. Too easy I will beat myself up for going to slow or not far enough but don’t give myself credit for days like today where I had a good time while still running fast enough and far enough

Days till Chicago: 210

Miles trained today: 10

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