Monday, March 22, 2010

You never know

This morning was a disaster, we got up late, moved too slow; 7 mile run turned into a 2 mile mess that would barely count for anything. I planned for the Blvd after work and dreaded it all day. Thought about canceling it, the only reason I did it was my headphones happened to be in my car after work. I figured there was no way it could possibly be as bad as the morning, never thinking it would be a great run. Running on rested legs always feels great, and having been sick all weekend the legs were ready to move. Don’t ask me why they put up such fuss this morning, but this afternoon they were rocking. It was perfect running weather in my book and the blvd looked beautiful. High 40’s with barely a breeze, not quite raining, more of a mist; Grey skies made the green grass pop. There were maybe a handful of other people out, so I felt like I had the trail to myself. I did not bring my watch and purposefully did not look at my car clock when I stepped out, so I don’t know how fast I went. It felt fast, I ran hard. I ran with purpose. Man, did it feel good. Rarely do I enjoy a run, but today I’m basking in it.

Miles trained today: 5.5

Days till Chicago: 201

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