Friday, March 26, 2010

It's raining again, *sigh*

There has been too much running in the rain when a day like today doesn’t seem that bad! Now I know that laying in bed I couldn’t hear the raindrops, but looking out the window it was quite clear what was happening. Come on now! I’m sick of being wet, my feet get pruned on runs like these. Rain or treadmill, rain or treadmill, rain won. Thankfully it wasn’t a downpour and not that I want to admit it, but I had a good time today. It always makes for an interesting morning when one is enthusiastically debating healthcare reform and the nutritional needs of school children before 6 in the morning! 4 runs complete this week, 2 to go, fingers crossed that they will be dry!

Miles trained today: 5

Days till Beach 2 Beacon: 134

Days till Chicago: 198

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