Saturday, March 19, 2011

27 weeks, 3.2 miles, 34:34

The hardest part of today was deciding on an outfit. I'm at a point where clothing choices are limited and I have no purchased any maternity running clothes (a benefit of the elliptical is it's OK to wear sweats). Surprisingly, I was able to piece together a running outfit that covered the enormous Buddha belly I've been sporting.

Walking to pick up our numbers is when the anxiety began to set in. It's been weeks since the last time I ran and I get winded walking up a flight of stairs. Today was seeming to be an exercise in stupidity. I kept telling myself it's only 3 miles, but God 3 miles can seem like an eternity.

As we waited for the start I had no idea how this was going to turn out. The joke was, I'll get a better time if I roll myself along the course. Off we went, I was running with a co-worker and his 2 kids. The pace seemed a bit fast to me at first, but had no idea what we were running. Almost immediately I had to pee, my bladder and uterus are in a delicate fight for space and the bladder almost always looses. Too bad there were NO porta john's along the course. It wasn't long before things settled in and my body ran.

It's funny how somethings require no effort. I found myself feeling very relaxed, feeling in some ways at home among all the other runners. I wasn't cheering, nor walking behind, I was running.

I'm not sure today was a good thing or not, I had given up on the idea of running until post delivery but today felt good. The dangerous snow mounds are gone. Maybe it's time to add in a slow 3 miles with my old 10 min miler dog once or twice a week. Although it won't be much longer till I'll need Joe to tie my shoes for me before we hit the pavement.

Miles raced today: 3.2