Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Diapers slowing me down

The kid and I spend most days by ourselves, Joe's at work so it's our show.  Somehow we've found a rhythm and get through things with limited causalities.  With everything we do solo, I really can't take doing breakfast by myself.  I think it's related to the need to manage the kid while at the same time consuming enough caffeine to keep us both alive.  Today Joe went off to the dentist before we were both out of our PJ's and I had decided breakfast would be at 3 Sister's after completing an easy Blvd run.  This issue with this plan is the kid (like his mum) gets rather cranky when hungry so we had to rush before the cheerios didn't cut it or before my caffeine withdrawal headache set it.  Goal time was to be out of the house by 8am and this would have been achieved if the kid didn't shit himself just before I grabbed the keys.  Mind you, I haven't had even a sip of coffee yet.  Silently uttering some 4 letter words, we head upstairs for a new diaper.  Now this issue is that the kid has figured out he can jam things up, like his dad, he's pretty good at wasting time doing a whole lot of nothing.  20 minutes later, yes 20 friggin minutes, we are off and headed to the blvd.  I've been doing this for 16 months, screw getting faster at half marathons I need to get faster in the diaper changing dept.  In fairness to me it was a pretty terrible mess, requiring multiple wipes.  Then we had to  deal with getting shoes, socks, and a sweat shirt on.  All of this with a toddler who is not unlike dressing a cat, I broke a sweat before even buckling my seatbelt.  Regardless we made it out there and ran an easy 3 miles, even had to pull out the wind guard and add a blanket to keep the boss cozy. No pain or discomfort, this was the first run post race.  Breakfast was a success with a beautiful cup of coffee and even enough time for a refill.

Ran 3 miles and 50 easy mins on the trainer

Monday, October 29, 2012

Swimming during a hurricaine

Nothing makes my blood run cold but the thought of being stuck in the house for possibly 2 days with the kid.  We continue to survive by going out.  Out most of the day, most days of the week.  We'll go anywhere but need free open spaces where yelling, screaming, running, and falling are all tolerated.  Other children being present helps, it's always nice when my kid isn't the only loud one.  All of our go to places were closed today, just when panic set in I reflected on last winter.  When I was thinking of my training last winter and how committed to it I was, I realized today it was because it allowed us to go out on even the most terrible days.  I was committed to training not because I was hard core about the workouts, it was all about keeping my sanity and finding a place to play no matter the weather.  This hurricane was just the motivation needed to dig out my bathing suit and hit the pool for some laps.  I will not admit to how long it's been since I've completed a swimming workout, but long enough that I 'm rusty on swimming math.  Yards, lengths, laps, 50's, 250's...I'm going to have to do some review before I get back in there.  But it also didn't take long for my mind to wander and think about longer distance swimming events, Save the Bay has been on my bucket list for a while now.  Maybe that becomes a winter goal?  Regardless, I continue to love the Y and love that it'll be there to get us through another season of hurricanes, noreasters, ice-storms and too much snow to measure.

Swam for 30 mins, 40 easy mins on the trainer

PS - Just got word the Y is closed tomorrow....anxiety is already building!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

18 second PR

I'm going to remind myself over and over again that Saturday was a PR in the hopes that it prevents me from bitching and complaining too much.  I missed my goal of a sub-2 hour half but came in with a PR of 2:03:26.  Ready for my excuses?

1.  I didn't do enough, cliche and said by most runners grumbling about a missed time goal, but true.  The 3 day a week plan worked to get me to the start and finish but just wasn't enough.  Lesson learned - going back to 4/5 days a week of running or 25/30 miles per week.  One of the biggest issues with planning to only run 3 days is that if you miss a day now you are down to only 2 days which doesn't work well at all.  If you plan to run 5 and miss a run, no worries you still have 4 remaining.

2.  My life got in the way.  Blame the kid, husband, work, dogs, friends (yes, friends), family...all of it.  Over the summer running and training were not negotiable and I need to go back to this mindset.  Playdates will be on the run from now on, bring your jogging stroller!  In addition to this cycling and swimming are going to be reintroduced and also not cancelled for more exciting offers.

3.  The mile 11 hissy fit.  Things were going swimmingly until I hit the hills at mile 6/7 and then things slowed down.  I had built enough of a cushion to recover from this and I knew it was going to be tight. Due to negative self talk and poor math skills I thought I blew it at mile 11 and had a fit.  Swore, kicked at nothing, looked around for a cab to bring me back to the finish.  Had this not happened I don't think I would have come in under 2 but would have been closer.  If having the garmin to monitor my mile splits wasn't so helpful I'd consider running without for the next one but it help to reign me in the first few miles.

4.  Speed work/hills - The dreadmill really doesn't cut it.  I should go back to track but the club is going indoors and I'm having a hard time finding the motivation to shell out $180 for a 2nd gym membership that doesn't offer free babysitting.  In addition to the fact that workouts are early mornings and I'm still working evenings.  So stuck with the dreadmill and need to think about spicing it up, maybe longer workouts?  Also need to go back to Lincoln Woods at least every other week, got way to comfortable with flat bike path running.

Give me a week and I'll be back with a plan, current sights are on The Hyannis Half Feb of 2013.  All whining aside this was a BEAUTIFUL course, really one of the prettiest I've ever run.  Super well managed and race weekend was a highlight of STAYCATION!

30 minutes of easy spinning tonight.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Almost always prepared

I've found that the key to a happy kid and therefore my own inner peace, wellbeing and happiness is always being prepared.  We used to laugh Joe's brother and sister-in-law who would roll up to events with a pink canvas bag big enough to fit a smart car.  The bag was always loaded with supplies, you name it and it was in the big pink bag.  Now we understand the necessity of the bag and have sent our apologies for ever doubting it.  I don't own a XXL canvas bag and although there are times I've thought it might come in handy, I've relied on my SUV.  No longer a car, it's my mobile parenting station.  Inside I have a box of cheerios, not a snack sized box, but the real deal.  Almost all melt downs can be solved with cheerios and I'm not organized enough to remember to refill the snack cup daily.  We also have several books, cars, blocks, balls of various sizes and shapes.  If I'm lucky the diaper bag is in there and stocked, if not there is usually a rouge diaper in the back seat.  Typically there's a gallon of water for beverages and a wide variety of cups and water bottles.  My next car needs  mini fridge for easier transport of milk and a running sink would also be good.  In addition to all this basic parenting stuff I've learned that I always have to be ready to run.  My runs never happen as planned and I can't bank on having time to change.  I'm at a point in my life where 85% of my time in spent in running gear, ready to go at a moments notice.  Case in point, I was not dressed to run on Sunday and ended up going 4+ miles at the end of Fully's marathon in completely inappropriate attire. Joe met me mid-morning on Monday and I was appalled that he wasn't ready to run.  He didn't think about it as we hadn't discussed it earlier.  Get with the program man, there's no time to talk about a schedule!!  To ensure I can run at any time with no notice not only am I always in my sneaks, black capri's and layers of different tops (indoor or outdoor) but the stroller has to be there.  My jogger lives in the trunk, if it's ever not there a hissy fit follows and it's not the kid throwing the fit.  Today was one of those days, a run needed to happen and I wasn't sure when or where.  Found myself near the Blvd with some time to kill.  In a matter of moments were were out of the car, loaded with snacks and toys and ready to run.  The only thing missing was my Garmin, being the Blvd I have a good idea of how far I went as well as how hard I was pushing it.  I can't store the Garmin in my car, too afraid it'd get lost with all other crap in there!
Ran 3+ miles today

Monday, October 22, 2012

What do you mean it wasn't the south county trail?

So we are in the market for a new house, so if you know of any send any tips our way.  The issue is house hunting has just become one more thing in our never ending list of to do's.  I think our real estate agent has questioned our commitment to this move as we've looked at none and been in the market for close to 2 months now.  The problem is house hunting is really about neighborhood hunting which requires drive-bys and we aren't looking in areas that close to home.  This week being "Staycation", house hunting was moved up on the priority list.  Today we planned to stalk out some places in North Kingstown and go running/riding on the South County Bike Trail.  See the two birds/one stone thinking here?  Mission accomplished, and the bike path made us fall even more in love with the area.  So as we were excitedly chattering about what next and would this really happen it became apparent that our run/ride happened on a bike path but not South County.  I'll just take this moment to point out that Joe has lived in lil rhody his entire life so it's a bit inexcusable that he had no idea we weren't on the right path.  I'm going to play the whole I'm-not-native-card, since I was 21 when I moved here I'm using this card for the next 11 years.  A quick google search showed just by accident we stumbled upon the Quonset Bike Path, until today we never knew it existed.  Only 5 miles but flat and shaded a perfect place for some repeats if you wanted off the blvd and a change of scenery, also good for some tempo mileage.  And it happens to be right by a Dave's Market so if you needed to refuel, the options are endless!  Someday we'll find the South County trail but for now this worked perfectly.

Ran 4 quick miles

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Doubleshot Tuesdays

The kid and I have been hosting a pint sized companion the last few Tuesdays and it's been my excuse to take Tuesday's off from training.  This is our 3rd week and not that I want to toot my own horn or anything but I seem to be getting the whole two toddler thing down. Until this week, I'd barely make it to nap time only to collapse in the armchair holding my breath hoping that they'd both stay silent.  Too afraid to move, one noise and they'd both be up.  This week we breezed right into nap time and I found myself with nothing to do.  Several things I should have done including pick up all the hot wheels that are covering the living room floor.  Why bother in the next hour both kids will be up and the hot wheels will be everywhere again.  So I hit the treadmill, knocked out my last few 800's until race day AND got in an uninterrupted hot shower.  Remember there are 2 small tyrants upstairs and I got a hot shower in!  I'm sensing this cocky attitude is going to bite me at a later date but for now I'm gloating.  I do need to get over to Rhode Runner and get a new pair of sneaks, I'm getting some of those small aches and pains that are usually quieted with new shoes.  There once was a time when I tracked my mileage and shoe purchases with OCD like accuracy, but then the kid showed up and I can barely keep track of the last time the dogs were fed so I spring for new sneaks when the feet start to complain.

Ran 4 miles.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Deep slow breaths please.

Ok - I'm trying not to panic but having a hard time listening to myself.  This was supposed to be my BIG weekend, and I got tripped up by illness.  Now I'm training wiser than before so I know somethings.  Like if you have to take multiple doses of day/nyquil it's better to postpone the run.  Easy call on Sat when I think I dragged myself out of bed for a total of 45 minutes the entire day.  Sunday I felt better enough to be upright but having to sit for my LICSW this morning I chose to take it easy.  No need to make the test any worse by going in sick and to reschedule would cost me an additional $225 so I choose rest.  All good choices as evidenced by getting out of bed this am with only the slightest memory of the dreaded illness and was able to pass the biggest exam of my professional career without the assistance of any decongestants.  But now here I am with a little less than 2 weeks to go and the plan I've oh so carefully followed appearing in disarray before me.  So here's my plan, I missed an 8 mile tempo and 12 mile long run.  This week I'm going to keep the same track workout...I think it's 800's.  I should be doing a 3 mile tempo but I'm going to go for 6 and my long run will be 10.  Mentally I need another double digit run and would try for 12 but this weekend I have to run long on Sun and the race is Sat so that's a no go.  Not perfect but it'll have to do.

Ran an easy 4 miles.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mile repeats? Done.

I've been putting off this workout.  Should have done it on Tues but played the whole just-home-from-vaca-and-I'm-tired card.  Then yesterday the whole worked a double excuse was used, leaving me grasping at straws today.  I tried to get out of it, planned on an early morning workout and turned off the alarm and rolled back to sleep.  Then decided to take a jaunt to find 20 gallons of unpasteurized apple cider for the several batches of hard cider that are being cooked up this afternoon; running out of excuses the kid and I rolled up to the gym around 10.  I had hoped the cider would take all morning and we'd miss babysitting, no luck.  We are getting close to race day and I'm getting close to being over training which  is part of the problem.  This is my highest mileage week, 30 (PS - it's Thurs and I've only run 9) and I really despise mile repeats.  Any day I can whip out a few 200's or 400's, quick and fast.  You're done and on the recovery before you've had time to complain.  Even 800's are manageable on the right day. But the mile is forever, 8:06 to be exact.  It's a mental thing because the pace wasn't killing me, pushing it but not dying.  They are just too long to be fun.  The first 2 were done out of spite, ok I'm here lets go.  The 3rd was forced and I spent the last half mile debating the pros and cons of stepping off the treadmill.  The 4th mile was misery, the the point that after the half mile mark I kept increasing speed every 10th of a mile just to get it over faster. But all of that said, the mile repeats are done and I won't do any more until I come up with another torturous training program for the next race!  All I have left is 800's next week and some 400's after that...getting close.

Ran 5.25 miles today.

Monday, October 8, 2012

A weekend away

Thoughts following a weekend away:

1.  You know you packed too much when the time combined packing and unpacking the car is equivalent to 50% of the time spent traveling.  Note, as I type there is more to be unpacked but I really can't take it.  I'm pretty sure we left no less than 5 small cars at the cottage for the next kid to find as a treasure.

2.  First weekend away with cloth diapers = way easier than other weekend's away when we've used disposables.  I really wish that this was the last weekend get away involving diapers but that's really unlikely considering we are going away again in a few weeks and toilet training is still months (gripes maybe even years away) but I'm only traveling with cloth in the future.

3.  The Cape is NOT flat.  I repeat...the Cape is NOT flat.  17 miles of running later I'm not sure how I forgot this.  Oh wait, I've never spent a weekend running down there.  We aren't talking about mountains, but these annoying rollers that prevent one from finding a groove and zoning out.

4.  Bike riding with a diaper bag requires balance and concentration that I lack.  Or maybe it was the fact I was riding in running sneakers that didn't clip into my pedals while readjsting the diaper bag that was dragging on my wheel while attempting to make the kid laugh as I rode next to him and Joe.  Either way there were several almost wipe outs that would have been rather comical if they occured.  Maybe I should have had a beer in my water bottle cage to really top it all off.

5.  3 workouts in the same running clothes without washing means the clothes will eventually become hard, crusty and take on a personality of their own.  Yes I did this, I have no good reason why as I did have other running clothes with me.  It was just easier to grab the stuff hanging in the bathroom than dig through the bag in the bedroom.  I thought maybe hanging them in the bathroom would have the same effect as a run through the wash, I was mistaken  No worries, the wash is already running.  Likely one of the grosser things I've done lifetime.

6.  Creating memories with your kid in a place that every corner holds one of your own childhood memories is really mind blowing and surreal.  It was a blast of a weekend and one we need to do again soon...diapers or not.

Ran 4 miles today