Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sleepless nights

I ended my last post dreaming of a black hole filled with yoga pants and giant sweatshirts, I almost ended up there today. My kid was up all god damned night, beats me as to why. I'll blame teething b/c that's what parents do and no one questions it. You have a baby and everyone prepares you for sleepless nights, but then you find this good place where you do sleep again. It's a tease. Ordinarily my kid is a champion sleeper, 12 hours straight, then every so often we get a curve ball. An infant up at night is no biggie, bottle or boob them and they are back out. A toddler? I don't know what the F you do when they are up? You ask are you too hot? Yes. Do your teeth hurt? Yes. Are you cold? Yes. Are you just fing with us? Yes. I knew it was bad when somewhere around the 3am hour I heard Joe, "There is nothing wrong, I don't want to hear or see you until the sun comes up. Go to sleep". Don't judge unless you've been there and if you have we are accepting sympathy cards. PS - the statement didn't work, I was back in there around 4:30. So that said, this morning was rough. Coffee barely helped and as Joe got ready for work I contemplated spending the day in my sweats. What did the kid want to do? Run to the big playground of course. Ugh, at least if we go that route we don't have to speak for a while. The run there was no biggie, the normal huffing and puffing that doesn't seem to be getting better. Didn't someone say that all your problems disappear 2nd trimester? We arrived and after a few minutes of sliding and swinging the problems got worse. I had to pee. Bad. Likely only a teaspoon but my bladder doesn't know the difference. You know how sometimes on long runs over the summer when you get really hot and are out of water you start to become delirious about water and contemplate drinking out of the taps on the side of a strangers house...picture the same thing but with a toilet. The bigger issue is that once arriving at the big playground the kid has a routine that takes about 45 mins and messing with that leads to a rather large meltdown. F*ck. Finally I corral him back to the stroller and we face the 2 mile run to the car that will get us to a toilet. I'll be honest running back was a bit more like a run 2 blocks, walk a block while looking for a tree. We made it though, and of course when I did find a toilet there was barely a tsp to be released. It really might be time for depends. Ran 4 miles today.

Friday, September 20, 2013

4 out of 4 and I'm out

Fitness in the Park wrapped up our week. It's only been 2 weeks, but in the right light I'm starting to get some guns. If I'm going to totally blow my waist line a little definition someplace else will help soften the blow. Speaking of going soft, I'm now remembering why I gave up running last time around. 4 consecutive workouts this week and I'm wiped like it was a 40+ mile week rather than maybe 10 miles. I will say that I deserve some extra points, all miles run are run behind the jogger and all planks and pushups are with the kid on my back. Happy to report that I'm hanging up all workout gear for the rest of the weekend, we are off to a wedding sans kiddo and I couldn't be more excited. Next week will be more of the same with the addition of some weekend workouts, that's assuming I haven't fallen into a black-hole of maternity yoga pants, the husband's extra large sweatshirt and a bag of goldfish.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

To the playground and back

If I haven't said it before, I'll say it now. I'm totally digging this new schedule, home with the kid 3 days a week. Nothing better. We started this morning with a run to the "Big Playground" (aka: Humboldt Tot Lot). There was some negotiating as he didn't want to sit in the jogger. Finally it came out of my mouth, "too bad this isn't a democracy, lets go". I'm turning into my father, but it worked. Fig bars in hand and off we went. The run down wasn't bad at all. 2 miles with a downhill, easy peasy. 45 min stop at the playground where we hit the swings, slides, play kitchen for some mac and cheese, some scary downhill car racing and a bit of digging in the sandbox. It must have been Dad's with Beards Day, it was me and all beareded Dad's. Odd. Regardless we packed it up and started to head back. Not as enjoyable, 2 miles with an uphill and a headwind. Luckily when I was totally pooped we were close enough to let the kid out for some running of his own. I'm really trying hard to stick with some fairly vigorous workouts this pregnancy, we've made it to 18 weeks and my weight gain is WAY lower than the first time around. I'm up 10lbs so far and last time at this point had started out 10lbs heavier and was already hitting the 20lb gain mark at this point. Total I gained 60 the first time around, way too much. My friends will tell me with a straight face that you couldn't tell, from looking back at photos it's clear that I have some very good liars for friends. So combined with sticking with the workouts, I'm being good with my diet. For the most part I'm eating veggies and grains, no meat and hardly any dairy. I'm a sucker for goldfish and have been known to knock back left over Annie's Mac and Cheese from time to time so far from perfect when it comes to eliminating dairy. Cravings? None that I've given into but I could totally go for peanut butter sandwiched btw 2 Oreo's. I'm hating the water though, my thirst is unquenchable and I'm so over the taste. It doesn't help either that my fridge is packed with Shipyard Pumpkin. Think I'll be able to find some in Feb? Ran 4 miles today

Friday, September 13, 2013

Class numero 2

Today was my 2nd day joining the Fitness in the Park crew, with the rain we headed indoors to Rhode Runner. I'll totally admit to second thoughts when we rolled up and there was only one other car with a carseat. What the F did I get myself into? Just when I thought of abandoning plans, another Mom rolled up with 2 little ones. Here goes nothing. The class? B.R.U.T.A.L. but just what I needed. During my first pregnancy I found this amazing pre-natal yoga class that was the right balance of supportive atmosphere combined with a sweaty workout. The kind of workout that makes your forget about the growing belly. That teacher is off doing other things and until today I hadn't found a replacement. Suzanne is the instructor of Fitness in the Park and she killed me. Push up's for instance, yes I dropped my knees, until she noticed and had me pull them back up. Doesn't she realize I'm knocked up??? Oh and how many, too many to count, I will be useless tomorrow. For a class that involved very little cardio I had sweat dripping off my nose. She had it set up in stations that you stayed at for 5 minutes at a time and each station had 3 awful exercises that you repeated over and over. Too many push ups, too many planks, too many lunges and squats and god only knows what. The kid? He loved it! She had the room set up with toys galore and when he got bored he joined me in climbing under my planks. Once even yelling out, "How you doing Sarah", he doesn't miss a beat. All I can say is that this class will have me jacked in no time. I'm hooked.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fitness in the Park RI

Today we tried something new, last weekend I ran into another Mom who had been in a music class last fall. She mentioned this stroller friendly workout group and since I'm home now I figured we give it a try. I'm not sure how many were there today, 8 or 9. Everyone with a stroller, 2 with doubles and kids of all ages. The class was a mix of running broken up with periods of active stretching, ab work and strength work. At first I felt very silly but then got into it. Granted it was hot today but I ended the class with a good sweat and warmed up muscles. Although I would have run further on my own, I would not have done the arm and core work. Also the kid has been resistant to actually riding in the stroller and today he was totally agreeable. Some of that was this was new and I expect it to wear off, but he was in and out of it so the ride was broken up. That and he saw everyone else getting in their rides so peer pressure paid off. Everyone was very friendly and there appeared to be a variety of fitness levels and a focus on including everyone so no one was left behind. Some breaks he would imitate my moves, we did some planking together and grabbed is own band for some arm work. Overall a great class and one I'll try again. The conversation was needed, the workout was good, you are able to make it as hard or easy as your level of fitness demands. Better than looping the Blvd on my own, that's for sure. I'm not sure of the cost yet, as your first class is free. Classes are held on Blackstone Blvd every M/W/F and e/o Sat at 9am, they use Rhode Runner for an indoor space when it rains and more info can be found by searching the group on facebook.