Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 recap

2012 was a year of limit testing.  Can I finish a 70.3?  You bet your ass I can, with a 13 month old waiting for me at the finish line.  Following that triumph I spent the summer and fall enjoying a quicker speed and PR's in many shorter distances.  It was a year spent trying to see how much I could pack in.  Can I do 2 70.3's in 1 season...that'd be a nope.  What about breaking 2 hours in a half marathon....nope to that as well.  I'm a stronger athlete because of all I've accomplished over the last year.  I don't know where 2013 will take me, I'm still hesitant to toss anything substantial on the training calendar.  A new work schedule means I'll be back at track...looking forward to the social aspects of this only.  Also gives me hope for some increased speed and maybe a crack at a sub 2 hour half next fall.  It's doubtful I'll race any 70.3's this year so instead have thought about an Olympic distance.  Lets be honest in addition to the badass feeling when you have survived the swim and then later when you cross the finish line tri's are great for keeping up a respectable beach body.   My yoga practice which is slowly taking up an ever growing part of my life helps to keep all of this in balance, and helps to pull me back to center when I'm pissed about a poor workout or a naptime gone awry.  Regardless of the workouts I log, the races I finish, the poses I strain towards...I plan to do it all while having a good time with my family and friends along the way.

Ran 4 miles today.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

5 miles for peace

I don't know if it's early.onset.terrible.twos, puberty, or just that he inherited his mother's personality but the kid has morphed into a blonde version of Kim Jong Il.  It's been bad.  So bad that today when I toyed with taking a day off I couldn't get to the gym fast enough.  After 45 mins at breakfast together, I knew we weren't meant to spend any quality time together today.  Off to the Y we went where he could spend so time bossing other adults around and I could recover from the torture suffered earlier in the morning.  Now my running has been a little of this and some of that for the last 2 weeks or so but this week I was already up to 12 miles this week so not interested in doing much.  The unfortunate part of this was the running was my saving grace.  The longer I ran the longer we would be's that for motivation?  And to keep the speed up there was some guy doing repeats so I just kicked up the pace whenever he did.  5 miles later I ran out of excuses and hit stop on the dreadmill and oh so slowly made it back to find my pint sized dictator...of course he was nothing but smiles and laughs.

Ran 5 miles today

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Change of shift

2 ear infections in 3 weeks and winter only just started, needless to say it's been a long couple of days over here.  This morning all we wanted to do was pull the covers over our heads and call for the nanny to take care of the kid...too bad we don't have nanny.  An hour later we found ourselves sprawled out on the sofas while the kid counted his cars and the debate started.  Do I go back to bed or do I run?  If it wasn't for the very tight skinny jeans I have planned for tonight I would have taken the bed option.  Now I'm getting ready for the gym and Joe starts to whine about needing a workout.  Is it my problem that he slept through b-ball this am?!?  I can't deal and scurry off to the gym.  A break from it all, no kids, no cars, no dogs, no cats.  I could have stayed there all day.  My run was a moderate workout.  Warmed up at a 10 min pace and after the first mile increased the pace every half mile til I hit an 8 min pace.  Held that through mile 4 and spent the last mile increasing my pace every 10th of a mile til I couldn't take it any longer.  Off the treadmill, a quick hello to a fellow runner who was also cheating on the dreadmill...I won't name names and back to the car.  Joe and the kid were at the coffee shop for a quick hand off.  Hello, good bye, enjoy your work out!  And off he went.  Fast forward to noon and everyone is back at home after a refreshing workout. Not the most exciting way to spend a Sunday morning but sometimes this is how we roll.  

Ran 5 miles today

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hello lazy days!

Man, life has been good lately.  I have no complaints, which is not my typically style.  Since skipping out on half marathon training I've gone rogue.  Normally I'd be lost without a training plan, which for me is several months of an outlook calendar printed out and totally covered in pencil marking workouts and goals for each week.  I don't miss them, not at all.  Today I relished in the fact that I could run 4.5 miles on the dreadmill and not feel bad about taking it indoors.  I don't feel bad about not getting on the trainer in 1.5 weeks.  I don't feel bad about not getting in the pool for over a month, yep, over a month. I love that I'm getting to yoga 3 times a week, yep, 3 times a week...JOY! And of course I'm still running...I just don't care how far or how fast.  All of that said, I did see a lady leaving the locker room with the red marks on her face from her goggles and briefly thought about the Save the Bay Swim.  Just as quickly I put it out of my mind...if only for now.

Ran 4.5 miles today.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

And on that note, I'm out

I'm done training for the Hyannis Half.  Done.  Too much is up in the air with other parts of my life and I'm finding myself stressing about fitting runs in.  This is supposed to be fun, a stress reliever.  Could I have continued? Likely but it would have been irritating.  In addition to needing more time in my schedule I think I need a break from training.  Yes, Anne you predicted this but I had to slowly accept the idea.  Currently there is NOTHING on the race calendar, and it's kind of fun.  I'm not done running, I'd like to stick with about 20 miles a week...I like to eat too much not too!  Come Jan I'm rejoining the world of working days so will be able to hit up some track workouts.  The kid and I will remain regulars at Lincoln Woods, that is until it snows and we are stuck waiting for it to melt.  For now, I'm just going to hang out and have a good time, stick with shorter distance and continue to try and get Joe to agree to a road race throw down.

Ran 3.5 miles today

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Week 5 Update - Oh sweet recovery

Oh sweet recovery week, how I love thee!  I'll fully admit I took this recovery week WAY to far...I did almost nothing and enjoyed every minute of it.  That's not really true, it was an incredibly stressful week filled with interviews, observation, ear infections, late nights, long waits at the pediatrician's office, and doubles but very little running.  Thank god it was a recovery week or I would have been sending a very apologetic email to Bob begging for forgiveness.

On a bright note though, we ran the Newport Christmas 10k and killed it.  PR with a time of 55:38 and a 2nd place finish in the stroller division.  My competition, the first place stroller was in my sights most of the race but I couldn't catch him.  I'll give him props, his kid must have been 2-3 years old and his stroller wasn't a jogger and he still killed me!  The Lincoln Woods workouts are paying off as the hills today weren't an issue and I really wonder what I could have done without the stroller.

Mon - 3 miles
Tues - Off
Wed - Off
Thurs - Off
Fri - 3 miles
Sat - Off
Sun - 10k

Told you, I really enjoyed the idea of a "recovery week".  This week I'm back to 22ish and would like to do 8 for a long run.

Ran 6.2 miles today

Monday, December 3, 2012

Whining worked

After moaning about the cold temps, I woke up today to pleasantly milder temps.  JOY!  Problem now is after all my complaining I had to actually get out there and run.  We hit the Blvd for an easy 3, only issue being the kid has decided that when the sun gets in his eyes it is the equivalent of battery acid.  Any normal person recognizes that this is why we wear sunglasses.  Not my child, he'll only wear those to bed.  So I stopped every 3/4 of a mile to try and fashion a sunshade with my jacket, never being successful.  Days like this I'm thankful for out and back routes that only have us running into the sun for half the time.

Ran 3 miles.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

1 Month in the bag

Week 4 of half marathon training is complete, hit 21 miles this week.  It was one of those weeks where I just slugged through the miles and there wasn't much quality....taking that as a sign that I need a recovery week and will go ahead and take one.  Will also aim for a quality speed workout since that didn't happen this week.

Part of my issue is scheduling.  I'm being a whiney bitch about the colder temps.  It's most convenient to run first thing in the morning but temps have been hovering in the 30's, I'd rather go in the afternoon but that interferes with nap time.  I could bring him somewhere else for nap time but then my magical 3 hour nap morphs into a 60 minute nap and that's terrible news.  I can't go post nap b/c I have to leave for work at 4:40.  And oh by the way I didn't win Powerball so am not a half billionaire and can't afford a babysitter 4 afternoons a week at nap time.  Can we move to a more moderate climate and then my problems would be solved?  Please.

Mon - Off
Tues - 5 mile tempo 8:39 pace - Trainer workout
Wed - 2 mile run
Thurs - 4 mile run
Fri - Off
Sat - 3 mile run
Sun - 7 miles at Lincoln Woods at 9:40 pace

Ran 7 miles today

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Spoke too soon

Remember the other day when I talked about the light at the end of my running week...just 2 more 5 mile runs and my long run?  Well that didn't happen.  Yesterday I got distracted, fully intended on a 5 mile negative split workout.  I got 2 miles in and gave up, I've been working on an xmas gift for the kid (table and chairs) and decided that some sweat equity in that dept would be more enjoyable.  Not that I'm a very good carpenter but I could seriously give up my career and do stuff like that.  Sunday morning I picked up a bunch of 1x3's and only a few hours later I have a fairly respectable looking kids furniture set.  I really only have room in my life right now for one hobby though so the carpentry and running are battling it out.  Today the running won and that's only b/c the kid has a friend napping in the playroom.  Yes, I have a playroom...I'd never admit it except that I LOVE having my living room back.  Sometimes at night I can almost pretend a kid doesn't live there, until I step on a hotwheel while going to refill my wine glass.   Anyways my workstation is directly below said playroom and it would just be playing with fire; the treadmill was the quieter nap time activity.  Realizing that yet again my mileage is all over the place I ran easy today.  Tomorrow I'll be off, Saturday will be a 7 mile run and Sunday I'll go with repeat miles on the blvd.  If I get all of that done I'll hit about 22 for the week and have no complaints.

Ran 4 miles today.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tempo. Done. Trainer workout. Done.

I'm not sure what happened last night or the reasons for it but no one in my house slept much at all.  That's not true the reason that Joe and I didn't sleep was b/c the kid refused to sleep.  It was a protest against sleep the likes of which I've never seen before, it was ugly and loud.  Man, it was bad.  The only reason the tempo run happened was b/c I was still so mad about it we needed a time out from each other.  I'm not sure how we made it through music class but arrived at the gym still not speaking to each other.  Yes, I know Bob said to get off the dreadmill but as mad as I am at the kiddo, I'm not ready to brave the snowy drizzle with the jogger.  It was an uneventful 5 miles at a 8:39 pace.  And I should have gone home and napped during nap time but I'm really enjoying these #trainertuesdays workouts and knew it wasn't going to happen after bedtime.  The ride was tough after the tempo but it only took a few mins for the legs to loosen up.  So the good news is that I'm able to train with less than 4 hours of sleep. I'm also feeling ready to tackle tonight, thinking about going out to get some earplugs just in case...I keep telling myself that it can't possibly be that bad 2 nights in a row.  AND I only have 17 miles left to run this week.  IF I do a long run of 7 that means only 2-five milers left...meaning I can see the light at the end of my week 4 tunnel!

Ran 5 miles and rode for an hour

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Weekly Update

Survived week 3 and am wondering how I ever had time for 40+ mile weeks, 20 seems tough to get in.

Mon - Off
Tues - 3 mile run at 9:38 pace - 59 mins on trainer
Wed - Off
Thurs - 5 miles at Lincoln Woods - pace was in 9:40's - garmin messed up on mile 1
Fri - 3 miles in 25 mins
Sat - 6 miles at 9:06 pace
Sat - 3 miles in 29 mins.

Plan for week 4 is as follows:
 - Aim for 20-22 miles total
 - Lincoln Woods again
 - Long run 6 again
 - Wed will be some kind of speed work
 - might be time to get a 5 mile tempo in as well
 - Trainer workout and a yoga class are non-negotiables this week as well

Ran 3 miles today

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Why a Feb Half?

After going to bed too late and waking up too early I wasn't that amped about today's run.  6 miles and the only bright side was it was going to be solo...sans jogger!  I'm still struggling with not going out too fast and thought that given how tired my legs are it wouldn't be a problem.  Wrong, pace should have been closer to 9:20-9:30 and my first mile was 8:53.  Rather than stress, I pulled my mitten over my garmin and spaced out.  I was really enjoying myself until the last 2 miles.  Not that I was struggling but the novelty of being alone wore off and the fact that it wasn't a leisurely pace was catching up to me.  There were some moments where I seriously considered throwing away the idea of a Feb half marathon.  No half marathon means no half marathon training means no long runs in the cold (yes, I know that today barely counts as a cold long run but with full tights and mittens it was cold enough). Ahhhh, but then I thought of eating and how much I love it and how much I hate the idea of ever dieting again.  Thanksgiving has come and gone with no weight gain, Veg-giving is here today and I'm not worried.  Candy canes, eggnog, brie, triscuits, spiced nuts, wine, lots of wine...these are all reasons why I'll continue to complain about all these miles while I'm getting them done all winter long.

Ran 6 miles today.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Dreadmill Throwdown

Yesterday I begged and pleaded for a throwdown.  It's time for us to race, I know I'm finally faster and ready to prove it once and for all.  The problem is the husband also knows this and doesn't want to be publicly shamed so won't agree.  Fast forward to tonight and we find ourselves at the gym.  I messed up my math and had to cancel yoga for a dreadmill workout.  I thought we were running our own miles till he started to push the speed, not worried at first I ignored him.  I had built in a nice cushion.  Mile 2 arrives and I can already taste sweet victory but I can't celebrate as he's gaining ground.  The smart move would have been to ignore him and keep with an easy pace, so of course I kept going faster and faster.  This was not the throwdown I wanted, there had been no time to prep.  Every time I increase the pace he matches me.  Now we look like fools barely able to stay on the machines but too stupid to call it.  The only reason he came close was that I relaxed during the 2nd mile to stretch out the poor legs after yesterday's hills.  Finally 3 miles.  Done.  Cool down.  Again confident in my winning only to be smacked with a loss.  Me: 30:05 Joe 29:35.  I'm not sure how he did it but am confident that he'll call this a win and we'll never throwdown at a race.

Ran 3+ miles

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Obligatory Thanksgiving Post

Today I give thanks for the 7am wakeup call over the 4am wakeup call.  I am equally thankful for Sesame St. on the i-pad giving us an additional 30 mins in bed...not that we were able to sleep as the kid bounced all over the place calling for more Elmo.  I am thankful for the large pot of coffee that was enjoyed with the husband as the kid ran around the table trying to convince the dogs they wanted to eat the grape that was in his hand.  We missed any formal turkey trot but hit Lincoln Woods for a family fun run, also thankful for only having to push the stroller for the first half.  Thankful for the hills that keep us honest and that dreaded weekly e-mail to Bob that forced us out there.  I must express thanks for the pot of coffee that was waiting for us post-run and neighbors to sit and laugh with.  Thankful for another year of running and training in the books, jogging stroller and all.

Ran 5 miles today.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Falling in love

A dangerous thing has happened, I've had too many evenings off of work and am quickly falling in love with being home in the evening.  I need to get over this affair as it's not currently in the cards but let me try to explain this:

Today I got out of work (almost forgot to mention that sun was still shining) and was home at the tail end of nap time.  We changed and hit the East Side for a run that was really more of a social visit with Fully.  I forgot how quick miles pace when you are chatting and don't have an eye on the clock.  Then a cool down ensued that entailed watching the kid laugh while he "walked" Chloe, watching your kid laugh with your friends is really something else.  Then we made it home, I cooked dinner with Pink Radio blaring full volume.  The kid sat on the counter munching on cherry tomatoes as I threw dinner together.  Nothing special but it was dinner at home, with all 3 of us at the dining room table.  To be clear dinner itself was loud, chaotic, and a bit of a mess but again it was dinner at home with all 3 of us.    Clean up and an attempt at adult conversation as the kid chased the dogs around the house with a fist sized school bus.  While Joe managed bedtime I hoped on the trainer for a workout via twitter.  Yep, via twitter!  Go find @frayed_laces and #trainertuesdays and join the fun.  I missed the 5:30 start time but got my workout in and enjoyed sharing in the pain!  Now the night ends with a glass of wine, the husband and our couch.  I love evenings off.

Ran 3 miles and rode for 59 minutes

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Week 2 is in the books

Not a bad week but not a great one either.  Total mileage of 17.5, I missed a run on Friday due to a banging headache...not terribly bothered as there is no need to build too quickly.  Happy to have gotten some quality speed work in off the dreadmill and pleased that I ran long without puking tonight.

Monday - Off
Tues - 3 miles easy
Wed - 4.5 miles total - 3x1mile repeats (8:04, 7:57, 8:05) 3 min rest between repeats
Thurs - planned day off
Fri - sick day
Sat - 4 mile tempo at 8:27
Sun - 6 miles at 9:20 pace - this was hungover after a large chinese food dinner 

So week 3??  Goals include getting back to 20-22 miles total.  10k on Turkey Day - thinking of going negative splits.  Long run of 6ish again and headed back to the hills of Lincoln Woods.  Also skipped out on any cross training this week and can't let that happen again. 

Ran 6 miles today

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Will tempo for coffee

Joe headed out early with the kid for some quality Auntie time, leaving me with the great debate.  Do I stay in the bed solo, lounging forever maybe even reading for a while before heading for the longest hottest shower of my life...or hit the roads minus the jogger.  I'm not sure why I picked the second choice but was dressed in minutes and to ensure that I didn't bitch out, locked myself out of the house and ran to where Joe was.  On a brief sidenote, I'm happy to announce that I've returned back in the world of ponytails.  It's been several years, likely close to 6 or 7...but today I needed to cut a hole in my winter running hat to make room for the pony.  Yes, I know they sell these types of hats but I don't own one and needed to get out of the house before getting sucked back to bed.  2 workouts remained when I started, a tempo and a long run.  Only a mile separates the two and I had time for either.  I let the legs decide and didn't look at my watch till after the first mile, 8:46...tempo it is and away we went.  The only exciting thing to report that each mile was increasingly faster (8:46, 8:38, 8:28, 7:56) and I made it to the coffee shop before Joe left without me.  Overall pace was an 8:26 proving that I can tempo just fine without the dreadmill.  All that's left between me and the end of week 2 is tomorrow's long run and yes I will be sporting my newly fashioned ponytail hat.

Ran 4 miles today.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Off the dreadmill and onto the Blvd

This on-the-real-road-speed-work brought to you by Heather who graciously took the kid so I could run freely.  Can we discuss that she took him while managing her own pintsized terror at the same time?  Oh and also she put me back together following my "I-don't-have-power-and-can't-deal-with-life" melt down.  I moped on her fancy couch for a while and had she offered me a cup of coffee I would have stayed and cried into my cup while trying to defrost my toes.  Too bad for me she's a tea drinker and I needed to run   Today's workout should have been 3-4 1 mile repeats at an 8:20pace.  I promised Bob that I'd take these workouts seriously and put forth some real effort, so although I skipped the recommended 30 minute warm up I did warm up with a half mile jog to the end of the Blvd.  Not having the dreadmill to determine my speed I had a hard time staying at the goal pace.  First mile ended up at 8/:04, not too shabby if I don't say so myself.  I timed my recovery and after 3 minutes headed back for the 2nd miles.  This one felt good as it should being fully warmed up and heading down hill.  Time came in at 7:57.  After another 3 minutes it was time to go again and this one hurt...thought my coffee and english muffin were going to come back up and join me. Finally reached the gate and clocked 8:05.  Only a second difference between miles 1 and 3 (both uphill, same mile).  Given how terrible the 3rd mile felt I called it a day and jogged back to my car for a cool down.  So I agree, there are more benefits to doing these on the road/track rather than in the gym, I need to get better at getting a feel for my pace.  Tomorrow we are back at Lincoln Woods and hoping for a day of no electrical company glitches.

Ran 4+ miles today

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

When was my off season?

As I enter week two of my Hyannis Half training I keep reading about everyone's off season.  Ok, 1 email and 1 blog but still it's got me wondering if I'm making a mistake going from training for 1 half to the next.  If I took the last year in review I have had some cycles to my training.  This time last fall it was still a bit about coming back from the pregnancy as well as tipping my toes in the 70.3 water.  Then winter came and it was full on 70.3, building a base in all 3 sports.  Early spring was transitioning from indoor to outdoor work and getting comfortable on the bike.  70.3 arrived and training backed off very quickly after...still triathlon focused but much more laid back.  Then there was my half hearted attempt at training for a half marathon on 3 days a  And now I'm here working with Bob and over analyzing every workout I do.  If you want me to be honest my off season would likely have been August, September and October.  I still worked out and did some racing but training was not front and center in my life.  The reason I'm sticking with the sub 2-hour half as a goal is that I think the added speed will help when I shift back to tri's.  Last winter I was building from scratch so really needed a good 6 months to focus on a 70.3.  I'm not sure if I'll do one or not next year but don't think I need to start worrying about it now.  If I do another, I want to come in under 7 hours and to achieve that need to improve my running strength so it all still ties in some convoluted way.  Regardless, I'm rambling's been that kind of day in more ways than one.

Ran an easy 3 miles today

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Week 1 roundup

Since I have to report to Bob, I'm going to try and remember to report here as well.  It helps to keep it honest.

Week 1 Roundup
Total Mileage 21
Mon - 5M at Lincoln Woods with stroller at 9:54 pace
Tues - 3M tempo at 8:40 pace - treadmill + 61mins on trainer
Wed - 3M easy - treadmill
Thurs - 4M - neg. splits - 9:15 1st 2M and 8:42 2nd 2M
Fri - off
Sat - 1.5M at 9:15 pace - should have been a long run but the kid refused and we ended up at a playground
Sun - 5M in 47:20

So week 2 will involve more loops of Lincoln Woods, repeat miles on Blvd, less treadmill time and about the overall same mileage.

Ran 5 miles today

Thursday, November 8, 2012

And tomorrow I rest

Well not really, I'm working a double but won't be running.  Daylight savings combined with Bob's structured training program is slowing ruining my life but I'm determined to at least start out strong before falling off the wagon.  Today came close to not happening, it was a rough morning filled with whining coming from several different factions of the Macedo Family.  One of those days where I'm not sure I would have minded backing up and heading off to work leaving someone else to wrangle a toddler on a very cold windy day.  That's not my life so we went to the gym.  Yes, I was on the treadmill again.  Give me a break, it's a choice between sanity or the roads and sanity won.  I just needed to zone out, that and I'm not sure where my running tights are.  Goal was 4 miles with a negative split so the first 2 were in the 9:20's and last 2 were in the 8:40's.  Mission accomplished.  The feet will be happy for a recovery tomorrow and I swear my 5 miler will be outdoors on Saturday.

Ran 4 miles today

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What time is it?

We were totally planning on a run to the polls.  I had the route ready to go, was dressed and about to get the jogger out of the car when I noticed the temps.  28.  Yes, I could have put the kid's snow suit on, bundled him to the max and we would have survived.  But really, 28.  Nope.  Didn't happen, yesterday I was complaining about the 40's.  I'm so not ready for 28.  Quick change of plans.  Off to vote, and yes we were those people who took a picture of the kid in the voting booth during his first Presidential election.  We landed at the gym shortly there after.  Now I believed that I had 1 hour to get a quick workout in, shower and head to our 10am music class.  Bob said no to the treadmill but I'm not known for listening.  Since I had less than 30 mins on the dreadmill a tempo run it was.  I don't want to hear about how it means more on the street.  An 8:40 pace is an 8:40 pace.  And I'm happy to report I felt like I had at least another mile or so in me.  No time, off to the showers and to collect the kid.  Remember before when I said I had enough time for our 10am music class?  We rolled up at 9:50 and I was happy to be early...only to walk in and face the fact that our class is at 9.  It's been at 9 for the last month.

Ran 3 miles and rode the trainer for 61 mins

Monday, November 5, 2012

Rethinking it all

So when I met with Bob to redo my training plan we spent a lot of time discussing childcare. I know, for those of you who know Bob just try to imagine was humorous to say the least. Anyways I told him I'd work on getting coverage once every other week so he could yell at me as I run around a track for 45 minutes.  Leaving the rest of my workouts with the kid.  No problem, I can do this.  Nope, I was wrong.  All I have to say is Lincoln Woods.  Lincoln Woods x2.  Lincoln Woods x2 in 40 degree temps.  Lincoln Woods x2 in 40 degree temps with the wind.  Lincoln Woods x2 in 40 degree temps with the wind and the jogger.  Following me yet?  And oh, I forgot my gloves.  Is it really only the beginning of Nov and I've already started to complain about cold weather running?  The bright side to this is that my 5 mile workout was complete, I have 7 days before we go back there and next time I'll have gloves and yes likely the kid but I'm not going to think about it.  The kid was bundled up tight (lesson learned from a major parenting fail last winter) and enjoyed his cheerios with little more than a peep.  We have totally messed him up though..the poor thing has spent way too much time cheering at races as he now enthusiastically claps for all runners we pass.

Ran 5 miles today.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Family fun with the group

It's been a while since all 3 Macedo's have made a group run, a long while as I try to recall the last one. We made it today.  Part of that is our schedule, I've been working a lot of weekends.  Over the summer biking bumped running to Sunday's.  Joe broke up with running for a while all together.  Excuses, excuses...I know.  It's so much easier to get out there when you know there will be other people.  Fresh faces mean fresh conversation, friends mean some good hearted joking followed by laughs.  Having Joe there means an even split to stroller time.  A win all around.  So once a month we'll be at Rhode Runner with the rest of the club.  Other weekends, drop me a line if you want to find a stroller friendly spot to start from.  Breakfast burrito with egg whites, mango smoothie and coffee from 3 Sister's to follow!

Ran 5ish miles today

Friday, November 2, 2012

Bob's way or no way

Funny how things come full circle, I started to train with Bob when I joined the club.  He's gotten me through all my distances and countless injuries, hung with me even when I started track work in sweats and tennis shoes.  The last 2 years or so I've stayed in contact but haven't trained with him...that all changes today.  I'm determined to come in under 2 and realize that I need someone calling me out and there is no one better but Bob to do so.  We were meeting for less than 5 minutes when he pointed out why I missed my goal: long runs too short, track work doesn't count on dreadmill, tempos too short, running too few days a week, and the list goes on.  All things I knew but needed him to say aloud.  So I've tried it my way, lets go with Bob's way.  Meaning 25-30 miles a week, 4-5 runs a week.  Long runs up to 14, I'm already groaning about this one.  Outdoor supervised track every other week, another ugh.  Negative split workouts and Lincoln Woods...I'll stop now becuase I'm already making myself dread it.  Up shot to all of this the paces I was hitting for my workouts solo were right on, so I was doing something right and a sub 2 is totally achievable.  Really I can't complain because I get all of this for free, yep, free.  Coming in only 2nd to the social aspect (can't count the friends that have come from the club), the coaching that comes with a PRMH running club membership is unreal.

Ran 4 easy miles today

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Diapers slowing me down

The kid and I spend most days by ourselves, Joe's at work so it's our show.  Somehow we've found a rhythm and get through things with limited causalities.  With everything we do solo, I really can't take doing breakfast by myself.  I think it's related to the need to manage the kid while at the same time consuming enough caffeine to keep us both alive.  Today Joe went off to the dentist before we were both out of our PJ's and I had decided breakfast would be at 3 Sister's after completing an easy Blvd run.  This issue with this plan is the kid (like his mum) gets rather cranky when hungry so we had to rush before the cheerios didn't cut it or before my caffeine withdrawal headache set it.  Goal time was to be out of the house by 8am and this would have been achieved if the kid didn't shit himself just before I grabbed the keys.  Mind you, I haven't had even a sip of coffee yet.  Silently uttering some 4 letter words, we head upstairs for a new diaper.  Now this issue is that the kid has figured out he can jam things up, like his dad, he's pretty good at wasting time doing a whole lot of nothing.  20 minutes later, yes 20 friggin minutes, we are off and headed to the blvd.  I've been doing this for 16 months, screw getting faster at half marathons I need to get faster in the diaper changing dept.  In fairness to me it was a pretty terrible mess, requiring multiple wipes.  Then we had to  deal with getting shoes, socks, and a sweat shirt on.  All of this with a toddler who is not unlike dressing a cat, I broke a sweat before even buckling my seatbelt.  Regardless we made it out there and ran an easy 3 miles, even had to pull out the wind guard and add a blanket to keep the boss cozy. No pain or discomfort, this was the first run post race.  Breakfast was a success with a beautiful cup of coffee and even enough time for a refill.

Ran 3 miles and 50 easy mins on the trainer

Monday, October 29, 2012

Swimming during a hurricaine

Nothing makes my blood run cold but the thought of being stuck in the house for possibly 2 days with the kid.  We continue to survive by going out.  Out most of the day, most days of the week.  We'll go anywhere but need free open spaces where yelling, screaming, running, and falling are all tolerated.  Other children being present helps, it's always nice when my kid isn't the only loud one.  All of our go to places were closed today, just when panic set in I reflected on last winter.  When I was thinking of my training last winter and how committed to it I was, I realized today it was because it allowed us to go out on even the most terrible days.  I was committed to training not because I was hard core about the workouts, it was all about keeping my sanity and finding a place to play no matter the weather.  This hurricane was just the motivation needed to dig out my bathing suit and hit the pool for some laps.  I will not admit to how long it's been since I've completed a swimming workout, but long enough that I 'm rusty on swimming math.  Yards, lengths, laps, 50's, 250's...I'm going to have to do some review before I get back in there.  But it also didn't take long for my mind to wander and think about longer distance swimming events, Save the Bay has been on my bucket list for a while now.  Maybe that becomes a winter goal?  Regardless, I continue to love the Y and love that it'll be there to get us through another season of hurricanes, noreasters, ice-storms and too much snow to measure.

Swam for 30 mins, 40 easy mins on the trainer

PS - Just got word the Y is closed tomorrow....anxiety is already building!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

18 second PR

I'm going to remind myself over and over again that Saturday was a PR in the hopes that it prevents me from bitching and complaining too much.  I missed my goal of a sub-2 hour half but came in with a PR of 2:03:26.  Ready for my excuses?

1.  I didn't do enough, cliche and said by most runners grumbling about a missed time goal, but true.  The 3 day a week plan worked to get me to the start and finish but just wasn't enough.  Lesson learned - going back to 4/5 days a week of running or 25/30 miles per week.  One of the biggest issues with planning to only run 3 days is that if you miss a day now you are down to only 2 days which doesn't work well at all.  If you plan to run 5 and miss a run, no worries you still have 4 remaining.

2.  My life got in the way.  Blame the kid, husband, work, dogs, friends (yes, friends), family...all of it.  Over the summer running and training were not negotiable and I need to go back to this mindset.  Playdates will be on the run from now on, bring your jogging stroller!  In addition to this cycling and swimming are going to be reintroduced and also not cancelled for more exciting offers.

3.  The mile 11 hissy fit.  Things were going swimmingly until I hit the hills at mile 6/7 and then things slowed down.  I had built enough of a cushion to recover from this and I knew it was going to be tight. Due to negative self talk and poor math skills I thought I blew it at mile 11 and had a fit.  Swore, kicked at nothing, looked around for a cab to bring me back to the finish.  Had this not happened I don't think I would have come in under 2 but would have been closer.  If having the garmin to monitor my mile splits wasn't so helpful I'd consider running without for the next one but it help to reign me in the first few miles.

4.  Speed work/hills - The dreadmill really doesn't cut it.  I should go back to track but the club is going indoors and I'm having a hard time finding the motivation to shell out $180 for a 2nd gym membership that doesn't offer free babysitting.  In addition to the fact that workouts are early mornings and I'm still working evenings.  So stuck with the dreadmill and need to think about spicing it up, maybe longer workouts?  Also need to go back to Lincoln Woods at least every other week, got way to comfortable with flat bike path running.

Give me a week and I'll be back with a plan, current sights are on The Hyannis Half Feb of 2013.  All whining aside this was a BEAUTIFUL course, really one of the prettiest I've ever run.  Super well managed and race weekend was a highlight of STAYCATION!

30 minutes of easy spinning tonight.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Almost always prepared

I've found that the key to a happy kid and therefore my own inner peace, wellbeing and happiness is always being prepared.  We used to laugh Joe's brother and sister-in-law who would roll up to events with a pink canvas bag big enough to fit a smart car.  The bag was always loaded with supplies, you name it and it was in the big pink bag.  Now we understand the necessity of the bag and have sent our apologies for ever doubting it.  I don't own a XXL canvas bag and although there are times I've thought it might come in handy, I've relied on my SUV.  No longer a car, it's my mobile parenting station.  Inside I have a box of cheerios, not a snack sized box, but the real deal.  Almost all melt downs can be solved with cheerios and I'm not organized enough to remember to refill the snack cup daily.  We also have several books, cars, blocks, balls of various sizes and shapes.  If I'm lucky the diaper bag is in there and stocked, if not there is usually a rouge diaper in the back seat.  Typically there's a gallon of water for beverages and a wide variety of cups and water bottles.  My next car needs  mini fridge for easier transport of milk and a running sink would also be good.  In addition to all this basic parenting stuff I've learned that I always have to be ready to run.  My runs never happen as planned and I can't bank on having time to change.  I'm at a point in my life where 85% of my time in spent in running gear, ready to go at a moments notice.  Case in point, I was not dressed to run on Sunday and ended up going 4+ miles at the end of Fully's marathon in completely inappropriate attire. Joe met me mid-morning on Monday and I was appalled that he wasn't ready to run.  He didn't think about it as we hadn't discussed it earlier.  Get with the program man, there's no time to talk about a schedule!!  To ensure I can run at any time with no notice not only am I always in my sneaks, black capri's and layers of different tops (indoor or outdoor) but the stroller has to be there.  My jogger lives in the trunk, if it's ever not there a hissy fit follows and it's not the kid throwing the fit.  Today was one of those days, a run needed to happen and I wasn't sure when or where.  Found myself near the Blvd with some time to kill.  In a matter of moments were were out of the car, loaded with snacks and toys and ready to run.  The only thing missing was my Garmin, being the Blvd I have a good idea of how far I went as well as how hard I was pushing it.  I can't store the Garmin in my car, too afraid it'd get lost with all other crap in there!
Ran 3+ miles today

Monday, October 22, 2012

What do you mean it wasn't the south county trail?

So we are in the market for a new house, so if you know of any send any tips our way.  The issue is house hunting has just become one more thing in our never ending list of to do's.  I think our real estate agent has questioned our commitment to this move as we've looked at none and been in the market for close to 2 months now.  The problem is house hunting is really about neighborhood hunting which requires drive-bys and we aren't looking in areas that close to home.  This week being "Staycation", house hunting was moved up on the priority list.  Today we planned to stalk out some places in North Kingstown and go running/riding on the South County Bike Trail.  See the two birds/one stone thinking here?  Mission accomplished, and the bike path made us fall even more in love with the area.  So as we were excitedly chattering about what next and would this really happen it became apparent that our run/ride happened on a bike path but not South County.  I'll just take this moment to point out that Joe has lived in lil rhody his entire life so it's a bit inexcusable that he had no idea we weren't on the right path.  I'm going to play the whole I'm-not-native-card, since I was 21 when I moved here I'm using this card for the next 11 years.  A quick google search showed just by accident we stumbled upon the Quonset Bike Path, until today we never knew it existed.  Only 5 miles but flat and shaded a perfect place for some repeats if you wanted off the blvd and a change of scenery, also good for some tempo mileage.  And it happens to be right by a Dave's Market so if you needed to refuel, the options are endless!  Someday we'll find the South County trail but for now this worked perfectly.

Ran 4 quick miles

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Doubleshot Tuesdays

The kid and I have been hosting a pint sized companion the last few Tuesdays and it's been my excuse to take Tuesday's off from training.  This is our 3rd week and not that I want to toot my own horn or anything but I seem to be getting the whole two toddler thing down. Until this week, I'd barely make it to nap time only to collapse in the armchair holding my breath hoping that they'd both stay silent.  Too afraid to move, one noise and they'd both be up.  This week we breezed right into nap time and I found myself with nothing to do.  Several things I should have done including pick up all the hot wheels that are covering the living room floor.  Why bother in the next hour both kids will be up and the hot wheels will be everywhere again.  So I hit the treadmill, knocked out my last few 800's until race day AND got in an uninterrupted hot shower.  Remember there are 2 small tyrants upstairs and I got a hot shower in!  I'm sensing this cocky attitude is going to bite me at a later date but for now I'm gloating.  I do need to get over to Rhode Runner and get a new pair of sneaks, I'm getting some of those small aches and pains that are usually quieted with new shoes.  There once was a time when I tracked my mileage and shoe purchases with OCD like accuracy, but then the kid showed up and I can barely keep track of the last time the dogs were fed so I spring for new sneaks when the feet start to complain.

Ran 4 miles.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Deep slow breaths please.

Ok - I'm trying not to panic but having a hard time listening to myself.  This was supposed to be my BIG weekend, and I got tripped up by illness.  Now I'm training wiser than before so I know somethings.  Like if you have to take multiple doses of day/nyquil it's better to postpone the run.  Easy call on Sat when I think I dragged myself out of bed for a total of 45 minutes the entire day.  Sunday I felt better enough to be upright but having to sit for my LICSW this morning I chose to take it easy.  No need to make the test any worse by going in sick and to reschedule would cost me an additional $225 so I choose rest.  All good choices as evidenced by getting out of bed this am with only the slightest memory of the dreaded illness and was able to pass the biggest exam of my professional career without the assistance of any decongestants.  But now here I am with a little less than 2 weeks to go and the plan I've oh so carefully followed appearing in disarray before me.  So here's my plan, I missed an 8 mile tempo and 12 mile long run.  This week I'm going to keep the same track workout...I think it's 800's.  I should be doing a 3 mile tempo but I'm going to go for 6 and my long run will be 10.  Mentally I need another double digit run and would try for 12 but this weekend I have to run long on Sun and the race is Sat so that's a no go.  Not perfect but it'll have to do.

Ran an easy 4 miles.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mile repeats? Done.

I've been putting off this workout.  Should have done it on Tues but played the whole just-home-from-vaca-and-I'm-tired card.  Then yesterday the whole worked a double excuse was used, leaving me grasping at straws today.  I tried to get out of it, planned on an early morning workout and turned off the alarm and rolled back to sleep.  Then decided to take a jaunt to find 20 gallons of unpasteurized apple cider for the several batches of hard cider that are being cooked up this afternoon; running out of excuses the kid and I rolled up to the gym around 10.  I had hoped the cider would take all morning and we'd miss babysitting, no luck.  We are getting close to race day and I'm getting close to being over training which  is part of the problem.  This is my highest mileage week, 30 (PS - it's Thurs and I've only run 9) and I really despise mile repeats.  Any day I can whip out a few 200's or 400's, quick and fast.  You're done and on the recovery before you've had time to complain.  Even 800's are manageable on the right day. But the mile is forever, 8:06 to be exact.  It's a mental thing because the pace wasn't killing me, pushing it but not dying.  They are just too long to be fun.  The first 2 were done out of spite, ok I'm here lets go.  The 3rd was forced and I spent the last half mile debating the pros and cons of stepping off the treadmill.  The 4th mile was misery, the the point that after the half mile mark I kept increasing speed every 10th of a mile just to get it over faster. But all of that said, the mile repeats are done and I won't do any more until I come up with another torturous training program for the next race!  All I have left is 800's next week and some 400's after that...getting close.

Ran 5.25 miles today.

Monday, October 8, 2012

A weekend away

Thoughts following a weekend away:

1.  You know you packed too much when the time combined packing and unpacking the car is equivalent to 50% of the time spent traveling.  Note, as I type there is more to be unpacked but I really can't take it.  I'm pretty sure we left no less than 5 small cars at the cottage for the next kid to find as a treasure.

2.  First weekend away with cloth diapers = way easier than other weekend's away when we've used disposables.  I really wish that this was the last weekend get away involving diapers but that's really unlikely considering we are going away again in a few weeks and toilet training is still months (gripes maybe even years away) but I'm only traveling with cloth in the future.

3.  The Cape is NOT flat.  I repeat...the Cape is NOT flat.  17 miles of running later I'm not sure how I forgot this.  Oh wait, I've never spent a weekend running down there.  We aren't talking about mountains, but these annoying rollers that prevent one from finding a groove and zoning out.

4.  Bike riding with a diaper bag requires balance and concentration that I lack.  Or maybe it was the fact I was riding in running sneakers that didn't clip into my pedals while readjsting the diaper bag that was dragging on my wheel while attempting to make the kid laugh as I rode next to him and Joe.  Either way there were several almost wipe outs that would have been rather comical if they occured.  Maybe I should have had a beer in my water bottle cage to really top it all off.

5.  3 workouts in the same running clothes without washing means the clothes will eventually become hard, crusty and take on a personality of their own.  Yes I did this, I have no good reason why as I did have other running clothes with me.  It was just easier to grab the stuff hanging in the bathroom than dig through the bag in the bedroom.  I thought maybe hanging them in the bathroom would have the same effect as a run through the wash, I was mistaken  No worries, the wash is already running.  Likely one of the grosser things I've done lifetime.

6.  Creating memories with your kid in a place that every corner holds one of your own childhood memories is really mind blowing and surreal.  It was a blast of a weekend and one we need to do again soon...diapers or not.

Ran 4 miles today

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Good-bye September, I won't miss you.

September was a rough month.  Too many hours spent a work, not nearly enough hours spent running. One of the reasons this 3 day a week half marathon training program was so appealing was I knew this month was going to be tough.  Even with pulling 50+ hour work weeks I never missed a workout...I did fall behind on laundry and become a complete hermit never seeing many friends.  Priorities man, priorities.  So with a month to go I have more time to socialize and focus on running.  Long runs and track work is on target, I'll be honest and admit to struggling a bit with keep the pace on the longer tempos but still trying.  We'll see what race day brings...I'm still secretly hoping for a sub-2 hour performance, but will be happy with a strong run followed by lots of drinking and eating with friends!  Here's to a great October!!

Miles run today: 8

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Blackstone Valley Bike Path

If you haven't been there, go now.  If you haven't been in a while, go now.  It's beautiful and quickly becoming my new hangout for runs, it's only going to get nicer with the leaves changing.  We park in a lot right off 123, but there are a bunch of access points along the path.  For 6 miles today, I ran uninterrupted right along the river.  We were able to stop and scope out the geese as well as a turtle and some sunfish.  Other times runs have included breaks at the river's edge for some stick throwing.  The river along with a large field are perfect for 15 month old boys who need a break from the jogger.  Unlike the East Bay Bike Path there aren't nearly as many cross streets so you aren't stopping and starting over and over again.  And it seems a little quieter, that said it was a Thursday morning.  I'll never completely break up with the Eastside for runs but for now this is where I'll be:

Ran 6 miles and biked for an hour filled with hills.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

To marathon or not to marathon??

I'm really torn here.  About a month away from my half which means I'm totally over it and need to start worrying about what's next.  Last fall/winter/spring I was solely focused on the 70.3 stuff.  I think I'll likely do another one of those as well next year but want to do one next September which means I don't need to start training now.  Half marathons are fun but not enough work.  Watching Joe, Jeff and Fully train for their October marathons has got me thinking, but any time I get close enough to get excited I recall the pain.  Then there is the whole, I have a kid and not enough time for marathon training.  Stupid logic given that Joe is doing it now with the same kid and I trained for the 70.3 with said kid.  My marathon shows have been awful; filled with slowness, injury and bad form.  You think I'm a whiner now, just wait.  That said I'm fitter and faster than during previous marathon training periods, it would be nice to see if I could pull a 4:30-4:40 out of my ass.  If yes, then what race?  Late Jan/early Feb would fit nicely in the training calendar and allow me to match up with Kali for some long runs, but that leaves my only local option as Hyannis.  I'm not jazzed about Hyannis, there's nothing wrong with it, but nothing exciting either.  Do I play the over-worked-in-need-of-a-break-mom card and look at one that might require a weekend away....maybe even away from said kid???  Ah, but now we are taking about 18 mile runs in December and although December is not kind to bikers it's really cruel to distance runners as well. But then this keeps me fit through winter and then come late Feb I dive back into the tri stuff.  I just don't know.

Ran 6 miles today.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

What was I thinking?

Today was a tempo run and the schedule wasn't going to allow for a late morning run with the kid.  Although I used to be the champion of early morning workouts, I'm hard pressed to do much before 7am and that's only when forced to by the small boss.  So in an effort to ensure the workout happened and I reached out to Jeff who's training for a marathon so therefore always needing to run.  Misery loves company, or so I thought.  This was our first running date, so I was a bit worried about oversleeping and getting there on time, but 6:30 comes and I'm on his sidewalk. Off we go, we had discussed pace, 8:30's was the goal.  It took about a quarter of a mile before I started to really doubt my decision.  I was dying, and the dude was chatting like it was nothing.  WTF!  At first I tried to mask my gasping for air and then just started to focus on survival.  I knew I was in trouble when I started to miss the jogging stroller, at least then I'd have something to collapse on when the end came.  I casually drop the whole "If I'm holding you back just take off line" in an effort to save my life.  It's a no go, I peek over and it's like he's out for a leisurely jog while I'm panting, red in the face, contorted muscles.  OK, I have to hang, this was my idea.  We turn up the final hill and I really start to wonder if this is the last hill I'll ever run up.  I focus on the yellow soles of his running shoes and keep telling myself to just stick with him.  Then the clouds part and I start to hear's Kali's truck...thank god, we'll have to stop.      They have this new love thing going on so I figure this is the long good bye until after work, I'll have a moment to assess my vital signs.  No friggin luck, he barely slows, she tosses him a card out the moving car window and blazes by us.  My world starts to crash around me.  The final insult is we have to run by his street to make it more than 5.  The only reason I agreed was I knew we'd run by a nursing home and maybe a nurse or doctor would be present for life saving measures if it came to that.  During the final push all I can see is those damned yellow soles.  Tempo run done, 8:28 pace for 5.25 miles.  No life saving measures needed.  Thanks for the run, Jeff!

Miles run today:  5

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Stroller Division

The kid and I rocked our first race together this morning, we killed it if you really want me to gloat.  There were 5 strollers that I noted out there and we came in 2nd in the stroller division.  I think it's time for races to add this division and I really don't want to hear any of the b.s. about liability coverage and that the USATF bans us.  I'm running with a handicap with the stroller so it's unfair to grade my performance against all of those solo runners.  Then there is the whole starting at the back of the back and having to weave around idiots listening to music not paying any attention....FOCUS you fools you don't have the race course to yourselves!  If you want to get real technical, the weight of the kid could also factor in.  I was coming around once of the final bend and a spectator pointed out that I was the 2nd stroller but that my kid looked heavier so I was working harder.  Take that man who won the stroller division!  Although if we did that the lady with the double jogger and 2 toddlers would have kicked my ass (PS - you are my new hero).  The stroller division wouldn't need any prizes, although a cookie for our passengers would be appreciated.  So three cheers to my people running with strollers, keep it up and continue make the solo runners sigh with frustration when we blow by them!  And I have to shout out to races like the JCC 5k who are stroller friendly!

Ran 10 miles today.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

No more self doubt

I listened to your suggestions and rather than try to run my workouts slower, I'm aiming for a faster goal time of 1:55.  **G.U.L.P.**  So today was a 5 mile tempo at an 8:35 pace.  This whole idea of sticking with structured running workouts doesn't go naturally for me, I really have never been a fan of much more than just going for a run.   That said, the triathlons have sparked a competitive fire in me so I'm sticking with it in hopes of continued improvement in my overall finish times.  Like always I went out way too fast.  My legs were sore and I was dodging cracked side walks, parked cars, delivery men and construction so wasn't focused and ended up with an 8:14.  SLOW DOWN!  2nd mile was no better an 8:12 and this is when I turned on myself. I knew that I couldn't keep that pace up and also started to feel the effects of going out too fast.  Now I'm wishing that the kid could switch places and push me for a while so I can catch my breath.  At the end of the 3rd mile my Garmin informs me that it was an 8:52.  I'm pissed.  I seriously think about walking and forgetting about the whole thing.  What's the point?  Then I get slowed down when the kid  ejects the cheerio container followed by more construction related weaving.  4th mile was 8:54 and I'm disgusted, can't believe I've wasted my own time.  Ready to walk but the kid wants out of the stroller so I'm solely focused on making it to the playground before a level 5 melt down.  Last mile ends up being an 8:45 and just when I'm about to launch the jogging stroller over the fence in a fit of frustration (the kid was already out and running towards the slide),I see that my average ended up being an 8:35.  Right on the money.  Hmmmm...what could I have done if I remained more focused during miles 3 and 4 rather than just giving up? It did make me feel better when I ran into Fully at the end of her monster 17 miler and she had the same problem with the mind games.  The self doubt is almost as frustrating as dealing with shin splints or some other ache or pain that you perseverate on.  I need to get over it and just keep nailing these workouts.  

Ran 5 miles today.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Family Fun Swim

Well, not really but I needed to get back into the water and Joe had dedicated the entire weekend to mandatory family fun time.  What to do when you need to train for a tri and you also have a family that needs some attention?  You convince your husband that your local pond is seriously the best beach ever.  In fact you are appalled that he's lived in RI his entire life and never been there.   Arrive at said beach at 9am with husband, kid, and a bag full of beach toys, goggles, swim caps and a wet suit.  Then point out the half mile swim dock, convince husband that he should try it and he'll do great (it helps that he has his own tri coming up at the end of the month).  Silently snicker on beach while building sand castles watching the evidence of the husband's poor sighting.  I mean really, straight line out and back and he does a figure 8 out there, it was hysterical.  Act very supportive when he finally arrives back at the beach, trade off kid and school the husband in open water swimming. Return from swim and pretend to not be winded even though you just went hard and fast to prove you could go harder and faster than he can.  Rehydrate and stretch while the kid feeds you cheerios and build more sand castles.  I will refrain from the full on gloat but will just point out that he was a life guard and swim team star and I just learned to swim a mere 4 years ago and finish times were more than 10 minutes apart....somehow I doubt that he'll ever agree to a family fun swim ever again.

Swam a half mile and biked for an hour

Sunday, September 2, 2012


Hiring a pacer.  Exciting job opportunity for someone who can deal with a moody boss.  Requirements include reading the training schedule and ensuring that the boss stays on pace.  Flexibility is a must, days and time vary.  Pacer may also be asked to push the jogging stroller and will need to do so while keeping pace.  Pacer may also be asked to carry water or Gu, think pack mule.  Pacer also required to come to runs with exciting conversation topics, should be able to carry on an entertaining 1 sided conversation.  No benefits and pay will be in baked goods and is performance based.  Pacer will be credited if goal time of 2 hour half marathon is achieved and will face an ungodly wrath if goal is not achieved (please see second sentence regarding a moody boss).

Ran 8 miles at a 9 minute pace...should have been a 9:20 or slower

Thursday, August 30, 2012

tempo run + jogger = fail?

I'm reminded as to why I gave up structured workouts when running with the kid.  Today was supposed to be a 4 mile tempo run at a 9 min pace.  Given the 3 beers I had the night before plus the 5 cups of coffee that went down the hatch in the hour leading to the run I figured this was going to be disastrous.  Kid + jogger is upwards of 50lbs so I would have been ok with a 9:05ish pace.  I ended up with a 8:35 pace for the 4 miles.  WTF!  Here's the problem with following a generic on-line plan, there's no coach to meet with when this happens.  Did I run too fast today or is my plan too slow?  I'm not sure I'm going too fast, last week's tempo was 8:45 and now a 8:35.  Neither run felt all out, but I'm not running consistent miles, I start slow and get faster.  Today 8:49, 8:31, 8:19; last week 8:59. 8:49 and 8:28.  The difference between the 2 runs is last week's tempo was the run part of my tri, not ideal but that's how it happened.  So do I adjust my plan and run my tempos at an 8:40ish or keep the goal at 9 and just see what happens.  If I'm running my tempo's faster, should my fake track workouts get faster as well?  End goal remains a 2 hour finish at the Cape Cod Half, (do I dare dream of an even faster finish??).

Ran 4 miles and 60 min hill work on trainer.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Trainer boredom

So as previously discussed I only get to ride outdoors on the weekends, meaning my weekly mileage is all on the trainer and after too many months to count I'm over it.  I don't know if I'm over thinking my workouts due to my new heart rate obsession or what but man I'm having trouble finding the motivation to push hard on the trainer.  Movies and books pass the time but then I instantly drop my effort.  Workouts help to shake it up but I've done them all too many times.  I know the new structure in my runs is a factor, until recently the runs were all unstructured with the trainer workouts having much more structure and focus.  There are only so many sprints and intervals you can do in a day; I don't care if they are running or biking.  Tomorrow I'm not working at night so might try to take my Phat Whip outdoors for an albeit quick, but hopefully refreshing workout on the pavement.  Who knows, maybe it was just a bad day and a balance to the nice run workout I had prior to?  I should just go to bed and stop worrying about it!

Ran for 4 miles and biked for 70 minutes.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

I'm fully committed

No, we aren't going to discuss my marriage, lets talk about my half marathon training.  I've been bored since the 70.3, we all know it...time to get over it.  I won't start to think about next year til Octoberish so I needed to find something to focus me over the next 6-8 weeks.  Drumroll please....the run 3 day a week half marathon program.,7120,s6-238-244--9369-F,00.html  Yep, 3 days a week and they say it basically gaurentees me a faster finish time.  I got nothing but time on my hands over here so lets put it to the test.  So I'm running a track workout, or a dreadmill workout in my case, a tempo run and a long run.  That's it no more, well there is the biking and swimming that still happens but that's it for running.  I'm aiming for a 2 hour finish at the Cape Cod Half, which would be a PR by 3 minutes.  I would say I'm confident about this, but really not sure that 3 days a week is really enough. But I'm too lazy and disinterested to come up with my own plan and I think it'll be fun to see what my results are.  So not only am I sticking to their workouts, but also the times they are recommending for me; it really couldn't be any simpler. Yesterday's run part of the tri counted as my 3 mile tempo run, should have been a 9 min pace but was a 8:45.  Today I went for a long run of 6 miles at a 9:40 pace, and I held it even when it felt a bit slow.  So we'll see what happens, I'll keep you posted if 3 days of running is enough to help me achieve a PR for the half marathon distance.

Miles run today: 6

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cranberry Tri-Fest Sprint Race Report

Nothing special, regular race morning breakfast of coffee, plan bagel with cream cheese on the ride down (around 5am).  Made the mistake of allowing my toddler to “help” me prepare my stuff the day before so there was about an hour of panic when I realized while setting up transition that my bike helmet with still at home.  I vow to never judge anyone who makes this mistake; I can’t believe I didn’t have it with me.  Luckily the race director (who was amazing) was able to find me one from another racer.  Transition was set up and down at the water by 7:45.  My swim wave went off at 8:07.

.5m Swim: 17:34
Water temps were 77, wet suit legal so I wore one.  My complaining must be reaching the masses; I didn’t brawl with any breast-strokers.  Route was a rectangle and the lake was really clear.  Last year the swim course was short and this year it was right on.  My sighting was fairly accurate and I didn’t get too off course.  I’ve been skipping the swim workouts lately and paid for it, pooped towards the end.

T1: 3:17
Yes, I suck at transitions but this on involved a climb up a narrow stone staircase that was soaked by swimmers and then a quarter mile run to my bike so with that taken into account it’s not terrible. 

14m bike: 48:41
Not sure what happened out there but it wasn’t pretty.  It was a fairly flat 1 loop course, total climb of 377 feet.  I focused on keeping my cadence over 100 for the entire ride and maybe that did me in, but I was nauseous the whole ride and spent the last 2 miles wondering if I could puke without getting off my bike.  I had 1 Gu about 6 miles in and sipped on Vitalye every 10 mins or so. 

T2: 2:41
I need to learn to run with no socks and get the shoe laces that don’t tie and maybe I’ll get quicker in T2. 

3.1m run: 26:21
I have no idea how I pulled this off, especially given how terrible I felt on the bike.  Knowing the course from last year helped.  Running all those miles with the jogger helped on the hills. The run was through a residential neighborhood with a good amount of shade, most of the 2nd mile is uphill.  My miles were all progressively faster with a last mile of 8:29.  And the nausea went away so who knows, but I’ll take it.

Overall: 1:38:32  10/22
I really like this race, it’s my second year competing in it.  Well organized and the things I didn’t like about it last year were corrected this year.  I’ve been skimping on swim and bike training and I felt it.  I’m very happy with the run (almost a 10 minute improvement from last year!) but was hoping for a better over all performance. Compared to last year my transitions and bike were all slower (swim can’t compare b/c last year was short).  Transitions are slower b/c last year I didn’t ride with clips so never changed my shoes.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Would you rather...

Would you rather shop for daycare or run a solo track workout on your basement treadmill?  I'd rather do neither and unhappily report I did both's a hard call regarding which was worse.  The daycare shopping is not going well, we were lulled into the false belief since the kid is a big toughie now it would be's not.  We thought we had a plan, after a failed visit today we are back to square one.  I know that all parents struggle with this on some level but that doesn't really make me feel any better about it.  That and my OCD/Type A parts are insisting that I do nothing but perseverate on it, sorry to all my co-workers who have listened to my whining all. night. long.  So after an irritating morning I decided to punish myself even further by going down to the basement to hit the treadmill for some 400's.  So to be clear, it's been a good year since I've done any speed work and closer to 2 years that I've done any speedwork with regularity.  It only took 2 repeats before I stopped swearing about daycare and started to swear about running, so mission accomplished.  I'd love to say that I'm going to move out of the world of solo speed work on the treadmill to some real track work but that's likely not going to happen anytime soon.  I'm not about to try measured intervals on the road with the stroller but it would be nice if even on the treadmill I started to do some weekly speed work.

Miles run today: 4

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The playground workout

So as stated earlier, I'm not really sure what I'm training for...likely a fall half marathon and things have happened just so that I've spent more time running than anything else over the last 2 weeks.  No biggie other than just logging the miles gets old and it's hard to do anything structured when I'm running behind 50lbs of baby and stroller.  We started out this morning without much of a plan, I knew I wanted to go longer than just the Blvd and had thought doing about a loop and a half but threw that idea out about 7 steps into my run.  I recalled a playground near the Lincoln School end that we hadn't checked out yet so I ran in that direction.  It was just about 2 miles from the start.  We stopped and had a 20 minute snack/play break.  Just enough time for the kid to touch every truck he could find in there and test out the swings to be sure they work the same as all the others.  Then it was time to run back, focus being on negative splits.  Lets see if I can do it a bit faster...too bad the second half was uphill.  I was also forced to run on the middle of the Blvd due to construction which always slows me down a little.  If nothing else I have a new workout I can add to the mix, aiming to get that second half done quicker than the first.

Miles run today: 4

Sunday, August 12, 2012

training aimlessly

I don't know what the heck I'm doing and my training is showing it.  I've decided to bag the idea of a fall 70.3 and it's too early to start laying down the foundation for next years big race.  So now what?  I still have at least 1 sprint, maybe 2, on the calendar.  I've toyed with the idea of a half marathon in October to see what I can do for a finish time.  Regardless my training is changing from what I've done for months now.  I don't need to do the same volume, which is good b/c my work/life balance sucks currently so I don't have the same time that I had earlier this summer and spring.  I did take the plunge and purchased a heart rate monitor so am trying to figure out how to add that into my training tool box.  ALthough, I'm really starting to doubt my ability to understand everything that comes along with HR monitoring.  I know it will come and I'll get comfortable with it but man, it's like learning a new language.  As of now I'm trying to swim twice a week, bike 3 times a week and running 3-4 times a week, long runs are at 10 miles with the kid and long bike rides are around 30.  Trying being the operative word there, it hasn't been easy with more hours at work.  All of that said I do feel like I'm out there just logging the miles and not really paying attention to how I'm getting them done.  So if you have any good moderate distance races suggestions send them my way because I need a new focus....

Ran 10 miles with the kid today.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The pain of other's is my pleasure!

Yesterday the kid and I came out in support of Fully's marathon training, we hung for 10 of her 13 miles in the brutal humidity.  It felt better than expected, in fact all of my long runs since the 70.3 have been almost fun, so there were a few terrible thoughts that crept in.  Maybe I should sign up?  It's time for another one, and no I don't mean a kid.  But after a brief reality check I reminded myself that I hate the marathon and the marathon gods hate me too.  It's fun to join in an awful long run when you don't have to be there.  So fast forward to today which might take the award for most frustrating fitness day ever.  I could scream about squeaky brakes and bike mechanics but I will save that for another post.  So in the afternoon when I should have been out on my phat whip I was pouting in the kitchen convincing Jenn that it was time for her to woMAN up and run another 26.2.  Unlike me, she loves the marathon and the marathon gods are kind to her in return.  I do think that if Lou (her squeeze) could have, he would have slapped me for applying the peer pressure, he's not a runner.  While I'm twisting her arm about the Cape Cod Marathon, Joe makes a wise ass comment and finds himself in my sights.  10 minutes later and he's in.  Yep folks...the Macedo's are coming back to marathon training.  Well, I'm not...I hate the marathon....but Joe is and I'm pumped.  This means I get to pour over hand written training plans, plot out long runs, play with goal paces...I'm already getting too excited about it.  In our life pre-child all we did for a number of years was train and race together and although there is a lot of training and racing happening in our house it hasn't felt like old times.  Joe hasn't been training and it's got to be the both of us for it to feel right.  So today when we finally got out there for this complex web of workouts that involved the car, a bike, the stroller and 3 pairs of shoes (no heels, 2 for running and 1 for the bike) it just felt right.  83 days to go, and man the marathon is so much more fun when it's not your race!

Trained for 14 miles on the bike and 2.5 running.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Naval Station Newport Sprint Race Report

Naval Station Newport Sprint Tri Race Report

Pregame – Ate a nice meal of pasta with avocado pesto the night before.  Can’t say I went to bed early but it could have been later.  Alarm was set for 4am and coffee pot set for 4:15.  Morning included a new system of a packet of instant oatmeal, water and coffee at home.  Hit the road at 5 and pulled into the parking lot at 6.  Very easy check in and body marking.  I did forget my bike pump and thankfully a stranger allowed me to use his.  Bananna went down the hatch at 6:30.  Set up transition and began to pace.  It was a pretty small field and my bike rack only held 10 bikes so there was plenty of room.  Headed down to the water at 7:02 for the prerace meeting.

Swim: .33 miles in 10:17 (garmin) 11:17 (official)
Swim was in a cove at the Naval Station.  Not flat water but really not enough chop to count as any real waves.  Event started a little late, but could have been worse.  It was at the swim when I realized that we weren’t grouped by age group and our ages weren’t written on our legs.  Not a huge deal but it’s always nice to know who is passing you.  My wave was the 3rd to start, it was out to a bouy, across and back in.  Ocean swimming is definitely a different animal than freshwater and it was a shock to my system at first.  Quickly found my groove and kept at it.  I hate those who choose to breast stroke, it should be outlawed in races.  After dodging a few breast strokers it wasn’t long til we hit the shore.  Official results are still pending but I know I caught up with the wave a head of me and missed the onslaught of faster swimmers from behind.  My swim training has paid off as I felt strong, wished I hadn’t doubted myself in the very beginning but overall happy with my performance.

T1: 3:13 – garmin – no official transition times
I have no idea what happened here.  It was a jog to the bikes but it shouldn’t have taken this long.  I knew it was going slow but really couldn’t get out of my own way.  Need to address this somehow going forward.

Bike: 10.35 miles in 35:14 (garmin) 39:19 (official)
It was an out and back on a pretty much closed course.  Some rolling hills but nothing dramatic.  I didn’t love the conditions of the roads but loved having the course closed to cars and enjoyed all the excitement of the volunteers so won’t complain.  I tried to be focused on this ride, stayed low on my handlebars for entire ride.  Took a  GU at the turn around.  Anyone I passed stayed behind me and anyone who passed me looked like they meant serious business so I was ok with it.  No complaints with an average pace of 17.6 MPH, again I really feel like my training is paying off.

T2: 1:51 – garmin – no official transition times
Again, I promise I didn’t stop for lunch.  It was clumsy.  I need help with fixing this, maybe time to practice. 

Run: 2.66 miles in 22:58
I’m irritated that the course was short, they announced at the start that due to some construction there were some last minute adjustments but still.  Nothing special about the course, it was on the base so not much to see.  The course snaked around so you saw a lot of other people.  Again great volunteers so will keep my grumbling to a minimum about the short course.  It wasn’t flat but only had an elevation gain of 157 so not bad at all. 

Finish 1:13:32 – 5th in age group!
It’s hard to claim a PR on a new-to-me course but I will, based on the fact that each leg (other than transitions) had a faster pace than I’ve done in any other tri.  I really enjoyed this race and will plan on racing it again next year.  It would be nice if they got some bike support, cleaned up the roads and accurately measured the run course.  Also the official timing system should have transition splits.  I LOVED having really no traffic to deal with.   All the volunteers were excited and knew what they were doing.  Post race there was plenty of food and drink and it was an easy set up and break down.  It’s also a cheap entry fee compared to other similar events.  As for my own training, I'm going to keep doing what I’m doing and start to think a bit more about what I need to do differently in transition.

Ran 2 miles this morning, again I'm telling myself that something is better than nothing!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The good, the bad and the tired

So after my "I can do anything post" from a few days ago, I felt it only fair to report where I'm at in my professional marathon.  We'll call yesterday a draw, I had planned to run 4 and went 2.  I could have squeezed in a 3rd mile but it was run 1 more mile or shower and get dressed without the supervision of a 13 month old.  Being able to shower and get dressed without his supervision was a far better choice and 2 miles is better than none.  I knew last night that today would be tough, I was dragging ass when I got home, but didn't think about it.  It was one of those nights that I never really settled in for a sound sleep, wish I could blame the kid for this one but he was silent.  I just couldn't turn off my head, around 4:37am I sent a text bailing from my 6:30am swim.  Yes, I know I only have 4 chances this week to swim over the next 14 days...down to 2 now.  So the key to me being a good parent is 3 cups of coffee.  After 3 cups of coffee everything is good, manageable and pleasant.  Prior to 3 cups things are very grim...exceedingly grim.  I know this so I set no expectations until after the last sip on the 3rd cup.   The last sip went down and the lights didn't turn on, a sign of a truly bad day ahead.  We got through the morning and even made it to the park for some pigeon chasing.  At 11 I decided I had to bail on my trainer workout and needed to sleep.  So I get us all upstairs (2 dogs, the kid and took a while).  The dogs were under strict orders to get ready for a nap while I dealt with the kid.  Finally I go to jump in my bed to find that the fucking dog peed in my fucking bed.  He peed in my bed.  Fortunately for the dog my homicidal rage was quelled by the sleeping child in the room next to us.  I had a silent but extreme fit, stripped the bed and quietly stormed down the stairs.  He peed in my bed.  The only way to regain control that didn't involve alcohol was to get on the trainer.  An hour later, I'm feeling better...still not speaking to my dog...but no longer homicidal.  So over the last 2 days I've only skipped 1 workout completely, 1 was cut short and due to my rage the 3rd workout was pretty damn good.  I'll keep you posted as to how things continue to pan out.

60 mins of hard angry hills on the trainer.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Putting forth the effort

This is the start of a 2 week stretch of 50+ hour work weeks for me, I'm thinking of it as my professional marathon.  Instead of paying a crappy entry fee, I'll be handsomely rewarded on payday.  In addition to keeping our house running, bills paid, fridge stocked and kid breathing we have also been a bit worried about the impact of our workouts and dietary habits.  Sunday night we spent hours in the kitchen, preparing several meals that can be mixed and matched for lunches, dinners and snacks for all 3 of us.  The nice part about it was we were in the kitchen, music going, wine glasses full having a good time with each other and not with the TV on.  It was king of a fond farewell since we will be ships passing each other in the night until Friday.  So we seem to have food figured out, now it's the workouts.  Today sucked, I wanted to sleep when the alarm went off at 6.  I stalled at the water's edge, if Kali had been ok with it I would have just walked right back to my car.  But I'm only going to have 4 opportunities to swim in the next 14 days so to waste it would only be stupid.  Then comes this afternoon, we finally make it to nap time and as I go to make my bed on the way downstairs I almost climb into it.  No!! I can't postpone today's workout as I won't be home for nap time tomorrow.  I'm sitting here now, exhausted but pleased that so far I haven't fallen behind.  Can I keep it up for the whole 2 weeks?  I don't know but I at least need to put forth the effort.  Fitness is very fickle and it wouldn't take much for me to loose the gains I've made over the last few months and staying in bed or getting a nap wouldn't be worth the cost.  Don't get me wrong there are definitely days (ie: last Saturday when the party started at our house at 3am) when the workout gets canned, but these days have to be the exception to the rule and not the norm.

1.6 mile swim and 90 min hill workout on trainer.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Shade tree mechanic at your service

When I got my first car I became obsessed with doing my own repairs.  This was likely motivated by the poor condition of the car, the frequent repairs it required and my lack of cash flow.  I changed my oil, patched a muffler (too many times), did something to the exhaust pipe although I can't remember what exactly happened.  It got to the point where I was often found with my legs hanging out from under the car and my Dad had a hat made for me with the title of "Shade Tree Mechanic".  Fast forward to  present day and I pretend to know nothing about my car and can't tell you the last time I changed my own oil, but alas I've gotten into cycling and need to find that old hat.  

There is something about that relationship you have with your bike that requires you to be willing and able to do a fair amount of tinkering with it.  I'll fully admit I've been slow to embrace this (shall we discuss the not all that distant episode with the flat tire?).  But again being motivated by my cash flow issues I find myself with the bike upside down and grease up to my elbows.  Today's adventure was getting comfortable with my rear tire.  I've had a squeaky break problem for several weeks and have been to the bike shop twice now with no improvement.  Before hitting the store a 3rd time I decided to give my wallet a break and e-mail my local bike encyclopedia.  His advice, take off the tire, clean the breaks and the rim.  WTF!  The back tire is intimidating, there is a lot going on back there.  I ignored him, and he brought it up again.  So foolishly I play with it one night after work, beer in hand.  Almost instantly I panic when the chain starts to lift off and put it all back together in a hurry hoping I did no permanent damage.  Again, insert multiple curse words.  

Here we are today, and after watching no less than 4 you tube videos on how to remove my tire I can report, I did it.  Yep, tire came off...breaks and rim wiped clean of all debris...and after what seemed like 30 minutes but was likely only 90 seconds or so it went back on.  I think I sweated more worrying about getting the tire back on than I did during my entire workout today!  I won't know if it helped with the breaks til this weekend when I'm hugging them down a hill.  I even included evidence (don't judge the mess we missed bringing the recycling out last week).  So maybe now I can live up to the oath I made in that I would practice changing a flat tire (both front and rear now).

Swam for a mile and 1 hour of hills on the trainer.

Monday, July 23, 2012

sick, sick, sick

So I typically only blog on the days I workout, but one area I'm lacking in training is the nutrition and could use some advice/tips/suggestions.  So lets talk about my disasterous ride on Sunday.  I'll preface all of this with the fact that we are self-neglecters when it comes to food in our house.  I shop for the meals we are cooking and we rarely have more than that in the house.  I'm also pretty anti-processed food so even fully stocked we don't have much in the grab-it-quick-before-a-ride category.  So Sunday I woke up (late) and realized that if I was going to ride I needed to go NOW and oh-by-the-way we have NO food.  I left the house around 7:30 with a bag of trail mix (the dried fruit and mixed nut kind) and drove off to my riding spot nibbling along the way.  I rode in Scituate, following the Providence Bicycle Time Trial route, planning for 3 loops making for a 45 mile ride.  I had vitalyte and water with me and started by following my 15 minute rule plan and had several sips every 15 mins.  About 10 miles in I started to have stomach pains.  I was trying to push my pace so initialy felt that I had overdone it on the last hill and back off hoping that the pains would also back off.  No such luck, it got to the point where I was having trouble staying up right on the bike.  I thought about stopping but with a loop there was no easy way back to the car.  My pace for the first 10 miles was 16.3 and for the last 10 dropped to 11.5.  It was terrible.  After 45 minutes I did choke down a GU hoping it would help, it didn't.  My whole body hurt to move, I made it back to the car and somehow got my bike in the back and made it home.  I couldn't walk into the house and it took about 45 mins to recover.  So lessons learned include that I can't eat on the way to my ride, I also can't eat trail mix.  Usually I have a bagel/toast/bar about an hour before I leave the house and haven't had a problem. 

So what suggestions are there for days when I don't have the benefit of an hour before taking off for a ride?

What have you found helpful to eat before a ride that is quick and easy? 

Lastly when your stomach seizes up on the bike, what helps so you can get through the ride? 

I'm beyond irritated that I wasted a great morning because of a stupid dietary mistake.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Digging the community love.

There is a lot happening in Providence and RI that is worrisome; Joe and I wonder often how long we'll stay here given the job market, general economy and condition of the public schools in RI.  For now it's home and for all that's worrisome there are many aspects that we've come to love, mainly the sense of community that we've found.  Not a weekend goes by that we don't run in to several friends/acquaintances/colleagues along the way, quick greetings often turn into coffee or lunch plans.   Our run this morning was from our local running store.  Rhode Runner, if you haven't been go and check it out.  It's the kind of store that it doesn't take long to learn the names of those who work there and you are greeted by name when you walk it, it just feels nice.  While we were out on the roads, we saw countless familiar faces, conversation was often interrupted with a greeting yelled across the Blvd.  It's always amazing how small lil rhody actually is, it doesn't take much conversation to realize that you know the same people, use the same CSA, run the same races.  What's so funny about my love of this sense of community is that when I moved here I loved the secrecy.  Going out and not knowing anyone, it was a breath of fresh air after leaving the town I was born and raised in.  But for now, with the kid, I love that we are raising him in a place where it's hard to go unnoticed and most people know your name...or at least recognize the sight your jogging stroller.

Ran 9 miles (adjusted mileage accounting for the jogger would be 13.5 miles

Friday, July 20, 2012

You want to go how far?

So after pestering my swimming friend all week to meet me at GVP this morning, my alarm went off at 6 and I thought very hard about sending a SCMI text (sorry, can't make it).  It was only at my begging that we were going there and not the pool so I fought off the urge, grabbed my stuff got in the car.  It wasn't long til we were wading into the water and making final goggle adjustments when she almost killed me.  "I was thinking out and back to the dock twice".  What?!?!  That would be just over 2 miles, longer than I had gone before and longer than I thought I could go.  Again, this is what I get for hanging around with people training for Ironman distance races.  I put it out of my mind, agreed and off we went for the first out and back.  The whole time trying not to think about having to do it all over again.  At the dock we talked briefly about some sighting techniques so I just remained focused on that.  Once back at the beach there was a brief moment of hope where I thought she had forgotten about the 2nd lap.  Unfortunately I wasn't that lucky, she wished another swimmer well and asked if I was ready.  Ready?  No, I'm going to drown out there due to exhaustion and they'll have to drain this pond looking for my body!  Again reminding myself that this was my own doing for pestering her all week, I just said of course and we started to swim.  It was all good til something grabbed my leg, well rather brushed against it, but I freaked and then lost my rhythm.  Made it to the dock only to have to turn back towards the beach.  There were no freaky attacks of the underwater monster on the way back in and it passed fairly quickly.    So after all my self doubt and grumbling I started the day with a 2 mile open water swim!  Pretty pleased if I don't say so myself!

Swam 2 miles and completed an hour hill workout on the trainer.